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"The greatest musical lesson I ever learned from my dad
was to play with as many people as I could."

- Zak Starkey, Modern Drummer July '97

The following is an incomplete, but hopefully fairly accurate list of Zak's work to date. Please follow the hyper-links for more detailed information on a given subject. Again, any additions or corrections are more than welcomed!

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Jan 13 2011
The Who perform for the Killing Cancer Concert. Zak, Simon, Pino and Rabbit also back Debbie Harry and Jeff Beck during the event!


Nov 11 2010
Zak and Sharna attend Mick Rock's "Exposed: The Ages of Rock N' Roll" book launch party in London.
Aug 22 2010
Zak, Sharna, Lee and Augusta seen backstage at the V Festival, Chelmsford. They along with members of Kasabian and Noel Gallagher arrive at the hotel for the after party and end up crashing the wedding reception of Zahl and Hajigul !
July 29 2010
Zak attends opening of Liam Gallagher's new Pretty Green shop, Carnaby St., London
July 24 2010
Zak on drums as part of one-off cover-band-'supergroup' The Silver Machine at the 1234 Festival, London.
July 7 2010
Zak, on hand with his sibblings and multiple famous guests help Ringo celebrate his 70th birthday on stage at Radio City Music Hall, NYC.
Feb 24 2010
Zak and Sharna attned the James Small show during London Fashion Week. They also attend the after party.
Feb 2010
The Who play half-time at The Super Bowl.


Dec 22, 2009
The Who release another Greatest Hits CD
Nov 7 2009
Zak attends Liam Gallagher's launch party for his Pretty Green clothing label.
Aug 13 2009
Zak attends Jet's acoustic seven song set at Parker McMillan (part of This Feeling Club Night), London.
July 23 2009
Zak attends Kasabian gig at the Roundhouse, "wearing a see-thru black jumper that was too big for him" (according to NME).
June 27 2009
Zak and Sharna photographed backstage in the Hard Rock Cafe VIP area with HRC's original 'lovely' Rita Gilligan during the Hard Rock Calling festival, London.
May 20, 2009
Zak attends the Kasabian 'secret gig' to launch the album "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum"
May 7, 2009
While in Santiago, Noel Gallagher is asked to compare his experience with Chris Sharrock to 'a sex turkey'.
March 8 2009
Zak attends the Keith Moon Blue Plaque unveiling at the site of the Marquee Club, London.
Jan 2009
This DW kit is for sale ... looks VERY familiar ...


July 12, 2008
Zak with the Who tape VH1 Rock Honors in LA. It airs July 17th. They also play a private gig on the 16th.
March 2008
Zak and Sharna head off to INDIA - they spend a few days at the 5* Shreyas Retreat (according to the other retreat guest, the couple with only two days advanced notice ended up there by punching “yoga retreat India” into Google - Shreyas’s was the first site to come up) and then headed off to the celebrations at Sai Baba's retreat for two days before returning to Shreyas for the remainder of their stay.
April 9 2008
Zak photographed backstage at the TCT concerts, Royal Albert Hall.
Feb 2008
Zak in LA with Oasis for final recording and mixing of upcoming 7th studio album.


Nov-Dec 2007
Zak in Abbey Road Studios recording with Oasis - the band's 7th studio album slated for August 2008 release.
Nov 6 2007
Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who DVD released. Chronicles the band up through the release and tour in 2006's Endless Wire.
Oct 29 2007
Oasis releases "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" DVD documentary of the 05-06 tour
Aug 2007 releases their "Fragments Fan Club DVD" to their platinum members.
July 6 2007
Zak appears with Weller and Coxon in Jonathan Ross performing "This Old Town".
July 2 2007
Paul Weller and Graham Coxon release (for download, vinyl release July 30th) their one-off single "This Old Town" that also features Zak on drums.
July 2007
The July 2007 issue of Modern Drummer published its Readers Poll results - and int the Best Rock Drummer category, Zak was number 3, behind Neil Peart (#2) and Chad Smith (#1).
Feb 23 2007
The Who Tour resumes with a stop in Reno NV and will continue through ending July 9th in Helsinki.
Feb 14 2007
Zak drums for Oasis when they appear on the 2007 Brit Awards (accepting the award for Outstanding Contribution To Music)
Feb 08 2007
Zak, girlfriend Sharna and sister Lee photographed at the Virgin Media launch party in London.


December 2006
Zak is on the cover (with his Zildjian advert on the back cover) of Modern Drummer January 2007 issue!
Oct 28 2006
Zak joined Kasabian for 3 songs during their Electric Proms appearance at The Roundhouse (one day prior to The Who's EProms gig!).
October 2006
Zak appears in a pictorial/interview with daughter Tatia in Hello Magazine (issue 936 dated 19-09-2006). First official print report of Zak and Sarah's separation.
September 2006
Zak snapped by photogs at Fashion Week in NYC
Late Summer 2006
Penguins appear on My Space - the musical outlet of Zak and girlfriend Sharna Lugiz.
June 2006
The Who world tour begins with Zak in the proper seat!
Apr/May 2006
Zak records "Black Widow's Eyes" with The Who for the upcoming "Endless Wire" album due for release in Oct.
Mar 31 2006
The last gig on the Oasis Tour - Mexico.


Dec 12 2005
The date for John Entwistle's The Rock to be released (for the first time in the UK) by Sanctuary. (Zak on drums). This release will contain BONUS Material - out-takes and demos.
Nov 23 2005
After departing Japan on the 22nd, Oasis arrives in Sydney and the members all attend the gig by The Strokes at the Gaelic Club.
Oct 18 2005
Zak is in attendance for Rachel Fuller and Friends' free concert at the Bedford Arms, Balham, which included performances by friends such as Pete Townshend, and SIMON Townshend!
Oct 10 2005
OASIS, nominated for 5 2005 Q Awards, take home the BEST ALBUM and PEOPLES CHOICE awards.
Oct 1, 2005
Zak and Oasis attend the Paul McCartney Madison Square Garden show.
June 7, 2005
Ringo releases 'Choose Love'. Though he is not mentioned in the booklet credits, Zak IS pictured (though microscopically) in a group shot on the 1st inner page of the CD booklet. The same photo, larger but with added obstructing effects, is used on the dual disc's DVD "Song By Song Analysis" for "Give Me Back The Beat" - explaining the original concept for the song was to have multiple drummers including Zak, Charlie Watts, Jim Keltner and Ringo.
May 30, 2005
Oasis album 'Don't Believe The Truth' release date. Zak on drums.
May 29, 2005
Boston Herald "spots" Issac Tigrett, daughter Augusta and step children ZAK and Lee Starkey, brunching at Sonsie to celebrate Augusta's graduation. [There was no pic online, and due to Zak's current schedule, I fear poor ol' Jason may have been mis-identified as Zak once again!]
May 16, 2005
Oasis single 'Lyla' set for released.
May 10, 2005
The start of the 2005-2006 Oasis tour season at The Astoria, London! The Tour continues on through the end of March 2006!!
May 6, 2005
Zak attends the final CREAM REUNION show at The Royal Albert Hall.
March 2005
Additional US dates for Oasis in Sept & Oct are announced
Mar 21, 2005
Pete posts a diary entry on his site announcing that Who plans for 2005 have been places on hold with no eta.
Feb 2005
Oasis announces dates in the US and Canada for June. Zak will be touring with them as their drummer.


Nov 10, 2004
Pete Townshend posts on his site about the upcoming *possibilities* for The Who in 2005 - including a NEW LP and a Tour during the first part of the year.
Nov 6 2004
Oasis announce a series of UK Stadium dates for June and July 2005! Tickets sellout fast. Zak on drums.
Oct 31 2004
Zak hooks up with future girlfriend Sharna Lugiz while in LA.
Oct - Nov 2004
Oasis, with Zak, spend time in Los Angeles, recording for their new LP with producer Dave Sardy.
Sep 14 2004
The Who Live In Boston DVD released in the US. It was released in the UK and Japan in July, and is the 2002 Sept 27th Mansfield MA show.
Sep 10, 2004
Zak joins Bernie Marsden and his All Star Lineup at The Party In The Paddock 2004 to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the National Kidney Research Fund.
Aug 2004
The Who return to Australia for the first time since 1968, and then go on to play dates in Japan and Hawaii, finally ending their mini-tour in California.
July 31, 2004
Zak's hand-me-down Mercedes sells at auction for £8,550 (£3,550 over the catalogue estimate)
June 2004
The Steve Marriott Astoria Memorial Concert (from 2001) is FINALLY out on DVD!
June 28 2004
Potency: The Best of Ian McNabb is released, and features a bonus disc with 2 tracks (formerly only available as b-sides in 1994) with Zak on drums.
June 25 2004
Zak drums for Oasis at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival
June 23 2004
Zak makes his drumming debut with Oasis at the Poole Lighthouse.
June 12 2004
After warming up in Birmingham and Cardiff, The Who play the Isle of Wight Festival 2004
May 2004
The Who played dates in Boston and New York.
April 2004
Handbags & Gladrags - The Mike D'Abo Songbook is released on CD, and features most of the tracks found originally on the 1987 LP Indestructible
March 2004
Again the Who make available "Official Bootlegs" of there 2004 gigs through the Encore Series at Profits benefiting the Who's supported charities.
March 30, 2004
The Who Then and Now 1964-2004 cd is released. It features TWO NEW WHO tracks - Real Good Looking Boy and Old Red Wine - both with Zak on drums and produced by SIMON Townshend.
March 29 2004
The Who play the Royal Albert Hall after three earlier warm-up gigs at The London Forum
February 2004
Vegas Job DVD was to be released in the US, but is delayed until May, then again with no ETA
January 2004
Rumours about Zak possibly being Alan White's replacement in Oasis
turn out to be correct!
Janurary 6 2004
SACD version of the Live At The Royal Albert Hall triple CD released.


November 19 2003
Pete announces on his site that he, Roger, Zak, Simon, Rabbit and Greg Lake recorded the song "Real Good Looking Boy", and that he and Roger will play the Royal Albert Hall in March of 2004 to once again benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust.
November 2003
Vegas Job - a DVD of the 1999 Pixelon performance is released in the UK. US release was to have followed in Feb of 2004, was bumped to May, and then apparently shelved over legal issues.
October 2003
If we can believe Roger Daltrey's hopeful statements during the summer of 2003, the remaining Who and touring band members might actually make it into the recording studio!!
Aug 2003
The Sept 2003 issue of Modern Drummer (on newsstands 8/5/03) features "Remembering The Who's Keith Moon" which includes interviews with Kenny Jones, Simon Phillips and Zak Starkey.
June 30, 2003
The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2000 CD set released in Europe. US release due July 22. Features bonus tracks from their RAH 2002 set as well.
Summer 2003
The Healers are said to be working in the studio on new material that they hope will be released early in 2004.
Apr 26 - May 25, 2003
The Healers return to the US for another round of gigs.
Feb 10, 2003
The Healers are shown performing "Down On The Corner" on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, [ the performance was recorded Feb 4th]
Feb 8 - Mar 4 2003
The Healers perform in Australia and Japan
Feb 6, 2003
Euro and UK dates for the Healers are announced! (March 14 - April 3)
Feb 4, 2003
imusic releases Johnny Marr + the Healers album "Boomslang" in the US [Feb 3 in the UK].
Jan 22, 2003
Johnny Marr + the Healers perform "Last Ride" live on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Jan 20, 2003
The first single on imusic from Johnny Marr + the Healers titled "Bangin' On" released in the UK.
Jan 15, 2003
The Healers start a brief US tour, (Jan 15 - Feb 3) before moving on to open for Pearl Jam in Australia and Japan in February.



Dec 17 2002
Pete York's Superdrumming DVD is released
Nov 29, 2002
Zak and Sarah attend the George Harrison Tribute Concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Nov 14, 2002
Zak drums as part of Roger Daltrey's backing band of 'friends' at the Stars 2002 Gala benefit for the Fulfillment Fund, at Fox Studios in LA. They did a seven song set of Who classics.
Oct 24, 2002
Zak, along with many members of the Who's extended family circle, including fans, attend John Entwistle's Memorial Service, held at St Martin-in-the-Fields church in Trafalgar Square.
Aug 23, 2002
It was announced that the Who would be releasing "Official Bootlegs" of the 2002 tour through The Encore Series at Profits will benefit the Who charities.
July 31, 2002
imusic announces that they have signed Johnny Marr and that Johnny Marr's Healers will release their debut album in early 2003. The band had previously released a single on Johnny's own label in 2001.
July 10, 2002
Zak along with members of the Who and their extended family attend the funeral of John Entwistle held at St Edward in Stow-on-the-Wold.
Summer 2002
The WHO, with Zak on drums, tours the US Tour dates and details even though they suffer the loss of founding member John Entwistle. The start was delayed, and the band carried on in tribute. Pino Palladino was given the enormous task of filling in on bass.
June 27, 2002
John Entwistle dies of heart failure in his sleep at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas - the night before the Who's US tour was scheduled to begin.
June 21, 2002
The Cowdray Concert ( a benefit for The White Lotus School and Tibet House Trust). An evening of guest artists performing Beatles songs, with Ringo closing the show! Ringo's back up band for the evening included Zak on drums, Bernie Marsden, Ian McNabb, Peter Gordeno, and Dave Caitlin-Birch.
June 10 - 14, 2002
Zak rehearsing with The WHO at Pete's Oceanic Studios, London. Tour dates and details
Apr 23, 2002
The Steve Marriott Memorial Concert CD is released. Zak was the drummer in the heavily featured houseband that night.
March 16, 2002
Bal de la Rose Pop - Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Zak, along with brother Jason, Peter Gordeno, Gary Nuttall and Bernie Marsden back up RINGO STARR as he performs at this annual charity ball to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation!
March 2002
Johnny Marr's Healers are due back into the studio to mix and finalize recordings for their anticipated CD release!
Feb 8 & 9, 2002
The Who perform 2 concerts during the week long Teenage Cancer Trust - Teen Spirit Benefit concert series, Feb 2 - 9th at London's Royal Albert Hall. Tickets went on sale Dec 7, 2001
Jan 29, 2002
Concert For New York City DVD is released - and contains the entire four song set performed by the band in 2001.
Jan 27, 28 and 31st, 2002
The Who's two nights at Portsmith Guild Hall and one at Watford Colosseum serve as warm-up gigs leading up to The Teenage Cancert Trust.
Jan 2002
Available for the first time on CD, Wind In The Willows - the studio version that Eddie Hardin and Zak released in 1985 on LP.



Nov 27, 2001
The 2-CD compilation of The Concert For New York, released by Columbia. A DVD of the event was released in 2002.
Nov 14, 2001
The Tony Ashton Memorial Concert is held at the Buxton Opera House. Zak, Bernie Marsden, Mickey Moody and Phil Spalding do a four song set on BEATLES covers!?! The evening featured many many perfomers including Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Neil Murray, Zoot Money, Chris Farlow and many more honoring Tony Ashton!
Nov 14, 2001
Mike Hurst releases a "two-for" CD of earlier works called Home - My Time. Zak is credited as being on the bonus demo tracks that date back to about 1984.
Nov 12, 2001
German teen idol Sasha Alexander releases the CD Surfin' On A Backbeat. Zak plays drums on 4 tracks.
Fall 2001
At various points all year long, both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have publicly commented that The Who will be entering the studio in September! However, after the October 20th MSG concert, Pete was reported to have made statements that put the prospect of a new Who Lp in the "no go" category, [NY Daily News- Mitchell Fink -102201] while a UK paper [The Sun - 102301] keeps the hope alive through an apparent quote from Zak saying there may be a new album from the band next year.
Oct 20, 2001
The Who, with Zak on drums, perform a blistering four song set at The Concert For New York - a benefit for the victims of the World Trade Center Attack. THE highlight of the evening !!!
Oct 1, 2001
The first single from Johnny Marr's Healers is finally be released! "The Last Ride" (originally announced for Sept 10) was released as both a CD single and special 7" along with tracks "Need It" and "Long Gone". Johnny Marr has started up his own label (New Voodoo / Pacific), that is being distributed in Europe through Universal. No US distributor at this time. The band signed with iMusic in 2002 and released their LP in 2003.
Sept 25, 2001
Originally announced for spring, this was the actual release date for the DVD The Who and Friends at the Royal Albert Hall. Filmed at the Teenage Cancer Trust benefit show, and produced for DVD by MCY.COM. A sampler DVD was distributed to audience members at the Grammy Awards in Feb, when the Who were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
July 29, 2001
Zak helps out on drums for Bernie Marsden at The Bath International Guitar Festival 2001 - ABC Night. Gary Moore was originally scheduled, but due to a throat infection, had to cancel.
June 30, 2001
Zak joined Eddie Hardin in Naples Italy to record some tracks for Italian artist Mario Fasciano. Originally Eddie had planned to return in August with Steve Hackett to continue work on some additional tracks, but it seems, according to Eddie's website, that this project is no more.
June 2001
Substitute: The Songs of The Who tribute CD is released. Zak with the actual Who are on the disc, backing Kelly Jones' version of Substitute from the 2000 Royal Albert Hall TCT concert.
Summer 2001
Feb brought the publication of the false rumor that The Who would be playing the V2001 festival.
April 20, 2001
Zak was a special guest among many at the Steve Marriott Memorial Event. A Celebration of legendary guitarist Steve Marriott's work took place at the Astoria, marking the 10th year since his passing. Backing for many of the speical guests was provided by The Zak Starkey House Band!
The CD was released 2002. The DVD in 2004
Feb 2001
Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band - The Anthology So Far CD is released. All of disc 2 and much of disc 1 feature performances with Zak on drums.
Early 2001
Early in the year, Zak played drums on a version of Lennon-McCartney's "And I Love Her". Produced by Nick Rudrum and arranger Julian Nicolas, it features the children from Peasmarsh Primary School on backing vocals
In April, The Sun reports about the project being in the works, and lists Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Art Garfunkel, Zak, The Corrs, Julian Lennon, the children from Paul and Linda's local Peasmarse school and others as willing to take part. It is planned as a double CD, with the proceeds to benefit the charity Women and Cancer - and was due in 2002.


Nov 2000
Zak was again with The Who when they toured the UK briefly, concluding with a benefit concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust which raised over 1,000,000! The event was filmed for UK Pay-per-view and for eventual release on DVD
Oct 2000
The DVD version of The British Rock Symphony is released (May in the UK). It was compiled from the 1999 UK concerts that featured Zak on drums, but is a different presentation than the PBS-VHS version released in Feb.
Sept 2000
Johnny Marr's Healers (as they were billed) contributed their version of "A Woman Like You" to the People On the Highway - A Bert Jansch Encomium tribute CD
Fall 2000
Johnny Marr's (Smiths, Electronic) first solo CD, backed by his band called Healers was due out at this time. Zak Starkey is on drums! A promo CD single of Last Ride, surfaced during the summer on a private label, while the band was still shopping for a major label deal. Johnny's management has also circulated a 5 track Cd-EP. A single was released in 2001 on Johnny's own label. The band signed with iMusic in 2002 and released their LP in 2003.
Summer 2000
THE WHO toured the US, and once again, ZAK WAS ON DRUMS!! The tour was broken into three segments (working around various band members' other commitments) and ran from June through late September.
July 14, 15 and 16, 2000
On the 14th, Johnny Marr's Healers (with Zak on drums) played The Leadmill in Sheffield, UK as a warm-up to the 15th & 16th gigs where they opened for The Happy Mondays & Oasis at the Reebok football stadium, Bolton (outside of Manchester) UK.
June 16, 2000
Tony Ashton Testimonial Show - To celebrate Tony's recovery from his recent illness. The concert took place at the famous Abbey Road Studio in London. Only 300 tickets were available. The musical guests came from all eras of Tony's work, and include Pete York, Geoff Whitehorn Chris Barber, Eddie Hardin, Zoot Money, Mash, Johnny Johnson, Dave Williams, Bernie Marsden, Mick Moody, John Entwistle, Zak Starkey, Joe Brown, Jon Lord & Ian Paice.
June 6, 2000
The Who perform as part of a benefit concert for The Robin Hood Foundation, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in NYC. - individual tickets cost $2,000 and the price of a table ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 to $100,000. Simon Phillips sat in on drums as Zak was on tour in Europe with the Healers.
May 30,31,Jun 2,3,5,7
Johnny Marr's Healers open for Oasis on these European dates!
May 25, 2000
Johnny Marr's Healers, with Zak on drums, make their live debut at the Sugar House in Lancaster!
April 10, 2000
Exclusively through MusicMaker.Com, the Who CD The Blues to the Bush was released. It features live tracks pulled from the 1999 House Of Blues and Shepherds Bush shows!
February 2000
The British Rock Symphony is released on VHS video. It was compiled from the 1999 UK concerts that featured Zak on drums! A DVD version (different) from the same tour was released later in the year.
January 27 - 30, 2000
The Lightning Seeds played Scandinavia as part of the Venue 2000 rock festival! Zak would not be with the band when they briefly tour Germany in March and April - Matt from Dodgy takes his place.
January 11, 2000
Standing in for his dad at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Liverpool, Zak handed over the keys of a 28,000 specially equipped minibus to a representative of the Sanfield Park Special School from West Derby. The bus was a donation by Ringo Starr's personal charity, the Lotus Organisation.
January 2000
Healers, the band founded by Johnny Marr and Zak Starkey, finished recording their LP and are shopping for a record label. Zak originally mentioned the project way back in 1998!


December 31, 1999 - Jan 1, 2000
The Lightning Seeds appeared at the Cream 2000 Festival on New Years Eve, at Liverpool's Pier Head.
December 1999
WLIW-NY (PBS) broadcast The British Rock Symphony, recorded during the 1999 UK summer gigs! This was eventually released on VHS in Feb 2000
December 22 & 23, 1999
The Who, with Zak on drums, rock two nights at the Shepherd's Bush Empire!!
Late 1999
Intended time of release for Lynn Sheppard's Ocean City CD. Zak is credited on drums for 5 tracks. (still unreleased as of Nov 2004).
November 25 - Dec 16, 1999
Zak hits the road with The Lighting Seeds for a mini tour of the UK!
November 1999
The Lighting Seeds single "Life's To Short" was released on the 15th, followed by the album Tilt on November 22nd.
November 12 and 13 1999
THE Maryville Academy Benefit was held at the Chicago House of Blues. Instead of Pete acoustic solo as had been the case the last two times, this year THE WHO, including Zak on drums rocked the joint!!!
October 30 and 31 1999
Neil Young's Annual Bridge Benefit Concerts featured an ACOUSTIC set both days by the reunited WHO, with Zak on percussion.
October 29, 1999
THE iBash99 launch party for Pixelon featured an electrifying performance by the reunited WHO including Zak on drums!!!
October 19, 1999
The studio version of The British Rock Symphony is released in the US. The recording features Zak on drums, and many guest vocalists such as Roger Daltrey, Eric Burdon and Alice Cooper! (It was already released in the UK and Japan during the summer '99. (A VHS and DVD of the 99 Live Tour were released in 2000).
Summer 1999
According to both Eddie Hardin's and Ray Fenwick's web sites, Eddie and Ray had formed a new touring band with Zak on drums. The band "ER" planned rehearsals for the summer, with a goal of gigs and possible recording in the fall. This then got put on hold, as Eddie went out on a Hardin and York reunion tour, and Zak was swamped with Who, Lightning Seeds, and other commitments!
Eddie Hardin releases Wizards Convention - The Masters. Most of disc 2 is a reissue of 1997's Wizard's Convention 3 CD, but better sounding.
June 1999
Zak was the drummer for The British Rock Symphony during its European leg in June and July. Also touring with the BRS on those dates was Simon Townshend on guitar, with special guest vocalist Roger Daltrey. Zak was not part of the 1998 US tour, but did participate in the 1998 debut performances. (A VHS and DVD of the 99 Live Tour were released in 2000).
March 1999
Simon Townshend Band releases Animal Soup CD - the secret bonus track features Zak on drums!


Oct 6, 1998
US release date of the CD: The Whole Of The Moon: the music of Mike Scott and The Waterboys. This features a previously unreleased track from the Sept '97 Mike Scott radio session with Zak on drums.
Aug 1998
BMG / Global Satellite releases Super Drumming: "The Best" - which features two tracks with Zak.
July / August 1998
The Lightning Seeds perform at a number of UK festivals: Glastonbury, Guilford, and V98!!
July 1998
It is announced that Zak will be drumming for Pete Townshend when he appears at A Day In The Garden (Woodstock) on Aug 15. This turns out NOT to be the case...
June 14 1998
The Lightning Seeds have the #1 song in England - "Three Lions '98" - it remains for three weeks (would have been longer if England had not been knocked out of the competition!)
April 1998
Zak mentions that he is excited about starting work on a project with ex-Smiths Johnny Marr. The results would finaly start to surface in 2000.
April 1998
Zak is a featured guest performer with The British Rock Symphony for their three premiere performances. This unique event toured the US this summer with special guest Roger Daltrey. Zak's prior commitments to The Lightning Seeds and others, prevented his joining the '98 US Tour. He DID join in the the 1999 UK Tour.
Feb 10, 1998
The London Philharmonic Orchestra's Who's Serious: Symphonic Who is released. Two tracks (1 & 10), feature the DST band from 1994 (Zak, Simon Townshend, etc).
Wind In The Willows - A Rock Concert rereleased by Angel Air. Zak on drums. Recorded in 1991, it was originally released on CD in 1992 and finally made it to DVD in 2003!)


November 1997
Zak joins The Lightning Seeds for their live appearances in Nov/Dec, promoting the Like You Do CD. He replaced Chris Sharrock, who had left the band earlier in the year. Deja vu?? It was Sharrock's seat that Zak filled briefly for Icicle Works back in 1988! Zak would record and tour with the 'Seeds in 1998, 1999 and early 2000.
Sept 9 1997
A re-sequenced, remixed and remastered version of Simon Townshend's Among Us cd is released. Zak plays guitar on two tracks.
Sept 4, 1997
Zak drums for Mike Scott (x-Waterboys), during a live Virgin Radio Session in London. Ian McNabb is on bass. "Rare, Precious And Gone" from this session is later released on a Mike Scott/Waterboys best of CD called Whole Of The Moon released in 1998.
Sept 1997
Jeremy Stacey vacates the drummer's seat in Mike Scott's band, and Zak fills in for shows in Belgium and Holland. When the tour reaches the UK in November, Geoff Dugmore is Mike's new drummer.
Aug 12 1997
Ringo Starr and His Third All-Starr Band - Vol. 1 is released as an exclusive Blockbuster Music CD, available only at Blockbuster stores. It features 12 tracks, recorded at Budokan Hall Japan, June 1995 during the third All-Starr tour.
April 1997 - Summer '97
The Who continued to tour Quad though Europe, a returned to the US in summer.
Feb 1997
Zak was slated to do some session drumming for (Smithereen) Pat DiNizio's solo album - recording of which was to begin in April with Don Dixon producing. Zak's Who schedule forced him to drop out, and he was to have been replaced by drummer Tony Williams, who was probably best known for playing with Miles Davis. (Unfortunately, Tony Williams passed away Feb 22 1997)
Feb 2, 1997
Drummer for Pete Townshend's band that played at Pete's Olivier Nomination Award bash.
Jan 31, 1997
Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 3 is released in Japan. Zak plays guitar and drums on two tracks.
(this CD later reissued as part of Wizards Convention: The Masters in 1999)


Dec 1996
The Semantics CD Powerbill is finally releases - but only in Japan! Was available as an import throughout most of 1997 and then deleted. This album was originally recorded for Geffen in 1993, but was shelved.
Oct 1996
The Who (formerly billed as TED), take Quad on the road, altering it slightly from the MSG incarnation.
July 1996
T.E.D perform Quad in what was to have been the only US performances - Six nights at MSG, NYC.
June 29, 1996
T.E.D performs Quad in Hyde Park.
Spring 1996
Zak leaves the band Face in order to join Townshend, Entwistle & Daltrey, (T.E.D) for the Prince's Trust presentation of Quadrophenia in Hyde Park, London.
Jan 1996
The Rock, John Entwistle's CD finally sees release - not once, but twice this year!
The Simon Townshend Band: Among US CD is released. Zak plays electric guitar on "Ecstasy Heaven" and slide guitar on "When She Sleeps". A remixed, resquenced version would be released in 1997.
Eddie Hardin's When We Were Young released. One track has Zak on drums.


A CD by Wiseguys International (Chris Tassone) called Looks Like Ringo, Sounds Like John, is released and features Zak and John Entwistle on most of the tracks.
Late 1995
Joins the band Face.
Sep 16, 1995
Daltrey Sings Townshend band plays The Who Convention, The Bottom Line, Shepherds Bush, London. An international tour was scheduled, but never took place. (They had toured the US in 1994 ).
Summer '95
Tours as member of Ringo's 3rd All-Starr Band, along with John Entwistle.
March-May 1995
Participant (along with JAE) in Eddie Hardin & friends "Wizard's Convention II" recording sessions at Gallery Studios, Chertsey. Originally released Sept '95. Re-released on Angel Air Records in 1997.
Jan 1995
Formed Animal Soup with Simon Townshend, and others from the DST Touring band. Playing the London clubs & started work recording an LP during early spring of 95.


Late 1994/ early 95
Ringo's 3rd All Starr Band tour book bio mentions that "Most recently Zak has been in London Recording Studios working on tracks for the forthcoming classical Who CD with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra." This was actually with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and it finally saw release on Feb 10, 1998 as "Who's Serious")
Summer 1994
Tours as drummer for the "Daltrey Sings Townshend" tour. DST would play the Who Convention in 1995.
Ian McNabb releases two CD singles and a cassettes single that contain extra tracks featuring Zak on drums. Zak had previously filled the drumseat for Icicleworks breifly in 1988.


The Semantics record an album in LA for Geffen Records. Zak is on drums, Peter Asher producer. Was never released by Geffen, but available only as Japanese import briefly in 1996-1997.
CD, VHS and Laser Disc versions of the 2nd All-Starr Band Live From Montreux are released.


Robert Hart's 2nd CD is released, simply titled Robert Hart. Features Zak on drums for a number of tracks.
Moody Marsden CD - Never Turn Our Back On the Blues released. Zak on drums.
Wind In The Willows - A Rock Concert released in Germany. Zak on drums. This 1991 recording was rereleased in 1998, and finally made it to DVD in 2003! )
Tony Martin's (Black Sabbath) Back Where I Belong CD released. Zak on drums.
Oct - Nov '92
Zak Tours as drummer for Joe Walsh, who hit the road almost immediately after the All Starr Band tour ends.
Summer '92
Tours as a member of Ringo's 2nd All-Starr Band.
June 24 1992
Anytime Woman released by Japanese artist Eikichi Yazawa. Zak drums on two tracks of the album.
Apr 6 1992
George Harrison performs at the Royal Albert Hall in support of the Natural Law Party, which has its roots in the teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This was the first time Hari appeared on stage in the UK since the Beatles' break up. Among those in attendance: Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon, Zak, Jason, and Lee Starkey, Mary McCartney, Maureen Tigrett, Joe Walsh, Gary More, Ray Cooper. Ringo and Dhani Harrison joined George during "Roll over Beethoven".
Zak played drums for Joe Walsh's opening set.


Dec 1991
The Moody Marsden Band: drums on tour for this band featuring Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden. A live CD called Never Turn Our Back On The Blues is released in 1992.
Late 1991
Zak drums for Rexx &Johnson during their LA record company showcase gig.
Jun 1991
Wind In The Willows Live: It was performed at the Zeltfestival, Freiburg Germany. The line-up differs slightly form the LP's cast. It was recorded and shown on German TV, and later released in Germany on CD in 1992, and re-released by Angel Air Records in 1998. It is finally out on DVD in 2003!


Drummer for a short-lived solo project of Andy Taylor (Duran Duran guitarist), probably sometime between 1985 and 1992.
Early 1990's
Zak was one of THE GUITARISTS for the band Spin Out during the early 1990's.
Zak on occation would drum for a local "pickup" band in the area called Lend Us a Quid
Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal is released. It features a Ringo All-Starr track recorded 1989 at the Greek Theatre in LA, with Zak sitting in on drums.
Late 1990
Playboy magazine says John Entwistle is putting together a band with Joe Walsh, Keith Emerson and Zak Starkey. (The Best ?)
April 1990
ICE releases a full length CD and at least 2 CD singles in Japan. In June, ICE does a brief Japanese tour. Besides drums, Zak also plays guitar on most cuts. He stepped out from behind the kit and played guitar live for a few numbers during the tour.

1989 and earlier

1989 A.S.a.P (Adrian Smith and Project): drums on the LP Silver & Gold.
Summer 1989 At a number of gigs throughout the tour, Zak sits in on drums when his dad is down front singing with the '89 All-Starr Band . This was captured on video and audio Sept 3rd at The Greek in LA. [A track from this appears on the 1990 Nobody's Child benefit CD, and can be seen on the video releases.] He would be a full band member in the 1992 and 1995 editions.
Dec 1988 Icicle Works: Zak spent a brief stint as the drummer of this Liverpool band for a few gigs. He also worked on som solo recordings of Ian McNabb's, released in 1994.
Aug 1988 Pete York's Super Drumming: Zak was a guest drummer for this second incarnation of Pete Yorks drumming extraveganza! Portions were shown on German TV, and released on LP and CD in 1989. A number of compilation CD's also feature tracks with Zak. A DVD was also released in 2002.
April 1988 Zak reportedly turns down an offer to tour with the band A-Ha to pursue a record deal for his band ICE. By December a record deal was in the works. Their CD was released in Japan in 1990.
1988 Eddie Hardin's Situations LP is released. Unconfirmed Zak involvement.
1988 Reported to be on Denny Laine's Lonely Road LP - drums on "Without Your Love". 
Late 1987-early 1988 - Zak drums for the band Ashton (also known as Modern Pilgrims) for a number of record company showcases in and around LA.
1987ish - Zak backs John Entwistle, Gary Moore, and others during a 'super group' appearance on a TV fundraiser for the TV5 Drugs Trust.
June 1987 With Zak on rhythm guitar, and brother Jason on drums, they appear together for the first time in a band called MUSTY JACK SPONGE and THE EXPLODING NUDISTS!
April 1, 1987 Zak was the drummer for the "supergroup" backing band at the Stand By Me: Aids Day Benefit Concert held in Wembley Arena. Featured artists included Elton John, George Michael, Boy George and Holly Johnson, Bobby Womack. The "supergroup" also included: John Entwistle, Andy Summers, Jody Lynscott, Robin Le Mesurier, Steve Nieve, and Herbie Hancock!
March 1987 John Entwistle and a number of associates, friends and strangers performed at a showcase sponsored by Hamer Guitars - Bass and Sound Check Magazine, at The Dorian Gray Nightclub at Frankfurt Airport as part of Frankfurt Music Messe - one of the World's biggest trade shows. The band reportedly included John Entwistle, Zak Starkey, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Jack Bruce, Nick Mason, Phil Collen & Steve Clark (Def Lep), Steve Stevens (Idol), and assorted-rotating-walk-on guest jammers. One of the many join-in jammers was guitarist Tommy Denander . The event was video taped by Jon Hammond for his MCTV show "The Jon Hammond Show" .
1987 Indestructible LP by Mike d'Abo is released. Zak is on drums. Most of this LP was included in at 2004 CD retrospective release Handbags And Gladrags.
1986 Can be seen in the studio with John Entwistle during an Entwistle segment of the program Life Styles Of The Rich & Famous (most likely from The Rock sessions).
Sep 13, 1986 Dad throws Zak a 21st birthday party at 'Tittenhurst Park'.
1986 Participant in the Anti-Heroin project's It's A Live-In World
1986 The Rock: drummer for this John Entwistle band. The recordings would not be released until 1996!
1986 Rock guitarist Laurence Archer's LA album is released in Japan only. Zak is on drums.
1985 Participant in The Crowd's benefit recording of "You'll Never Walk Alone"
1985 Chris Thompson's Radio Voices LP. Drums on "Lies".
1985 Zak is one of the seven drummers featured on the title track of Roger Daltrey's Under a Raging Moon. He also makes a walk-on appearance at Daltrey's MSG show Dec 9, 1985.
Sept 1985 Participant in Artists United Against Apartheid "Sun City" project
1985 The Language Of Rock N Roll, by Bob Young and Micky Moody is published in the UK. It is a humorous glossary of terms and words used in the Rock world. Very funny, with great cartoon illustrations. One of Zak's original crossword puzzles is included.
Jun 24, 1985 Release of the LP, Eddie Hardin & Zak Starkey's Musical Version of Wind In The Willows. (issued on CD in 2002)
Feb 1985 Nightfly: drummer for this band featuring ex-Bad Co and ex-Whitesnake members (Boz Burrell / Micky Moody). They play a number of gigs througout the UK, with intentions of recording and album that has never surfaced.
1985 A "thank you" appears in the credits of Denny Laine's Hometown Girls LP, but Zak's exact involvement unclear and unconfirmed.
circa 1984 Zak records some demos for Mike Hurst's Sundance. Two surface in 2001 on one of Mike's CD's.
1983 A novelty record by 3 year old Natalie Casey is said to be the first release to have Zak on drums... It reached number 72 on the UK sharts on 1984.
Samantha Fox releases her very first singles under the name S.F.X. Some Sam Fox FAQs and Bios report that the band included "Ringo Starr's Son" [which Zak denies ... read on!]
1982 Zak has been quoted a few times saying that his first professional studio gig, at age 17 was with the Spencer Davis Group. He is quoted in a 1987 Modern Drummer article as having done about 30 demos with them. Now whether these were strickly "Spencer Davis" demos, or he is also counting all the demos he was on for Eddie Hardin and associates during that time period is unclear.
1982 Zak sits in on drums with his former band Dead Meat, for a gig at The Bridge House, in Bracknell. The band's then drummer, Adrian Metcalfe (who went on to the Nashville Teens in '82) was unable to make the gig, as Zak filled in after a single rehearsal at The Lodge.
1981 - 1983 Monopacific gets going. They are managed by Keith moon's former associate, Peter "Dougal" Butler.
April 27, 1981 Ringo's Wedding: Apparently another star-studded jam session this time at Rags, following his father's marriage to Barbara Bach.
Late 1980 Zak and two other members of Dead Meat, split off to form a new band. For a short time, this group temporarily reverts back to the name The Next. Eventually they will become Monopacific
1980 Zak's first band The Next, change their name to Dead Meat, and add a second guitarist.
March 27, 1979 Clapton's Wedding: He reportedly participated in star studded jam at Eric Clapton's marriage to Patty Boyd Harrison.
Zak formed his first band, The Next, with the guitarist from next door, a singer and a bassist - all of whom where in there late teens and early 20's - Zak being the youngest. They would change their name to Dead Meat in 1980.
Dec 1969 Published Artwork: A picture that he drew (this time in ink or pencil) is used as the back of the picture sleeve to the 1969 Beatles Xmas Fan Club Flexi Disc.
Jan 1969 Artwork Displayed?: Seen hanging on one of the sound baffles near Ringo's drum kit in scenes from Let It Be, is a painting said to be by Zak but this is not confirmed.


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