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Zak Starkey's work with:
Tony Martin

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new-rd.gif A seemingly quasi-legal re-release of Back Where I Belong is currently flooding the market - more

Some background: Tony Martin was the lead singer of Black Sabbath from August of 1987 ("Eternal Idol") through 1991, and then again from Spring of 1993 to 1997. He also had evolved into one of their main song writers, composing all of the song lyrics on "Tyr" and "Forbidden". He also shares joint credits on the tracks on "Headless Cross" and "Cross Purposes". (1997-1999 saw a number of reunions shows of the original BS members, and it wasn't until Jan of 1999 that Tony Martin was "officially" announced as out of the band).

This was his first solo project. It was written between 1990 - 1991, and recorded while Sabbath was doing "Dehumanizer" (with Dio).

Tony Martin played all the instruments on the demo version of his album, but sticks to vocals and guitar for the final product, which saw release in the spring of 1992 in the UK, although I have only seen copies printed in Germany. It's packed with power ballads, and rockers, and a remake of Sabbath's "Jerusalem" (off "Tyr").

One popularized theory as to why this CD is so difficult to find, is that Polydor pulled it from the market when the the Black Sabbath CD came out soon after, but that has not yet been confirmed. It may just have been limited to a German only release???


Back Where I Belong - CD Polydor 513 518-2 (Germany)
Full length CD released in the Spring of 1992.
**An apparent re-release (of questionable origin) has surfaced in 2003 - see below


  1. If It Ain't Worth Fighting For
  2. It Ain't Good Enough
  3. If There is a Heaven
  4. Back Where I Belong
  5. Ceasefire
  6. Why Love
  7. Sweet Elyse
  8. The Last Living Tree
  9. Now You've Gone
  10. India
  11. Angel in the Bed
  12. The Road to Galilee *
  13. Jerusalem **

All songs and music by Tony Martin except:
*by Geoff Nicholls
**by Martin, Iommi, Powell, Murray, Nicholls.
Produced by: Nick Tauber & Tony Martin
Recorded & Mixed at Revolution Studios, Cheshire UK

CD cover


  • Tony Martin - Vocals, Guitars
  • Brian May - Guitars
  • Paul Wright - Guitars
  • Carlo Fragnito - Guitars
  • Adrian Dawson - Guitars
  • Neil Murray - Bass
  • Laurence Cottle - Bass
  • Zak Starkey - Drums (tracks 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, and 11)
  • Nigel Glockler - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards
  • Richard Cottle - Keyboards & Saxophone
  • The Kick Horns - brass

The credits for "Equipment Used" lists Zildjian and Yamaha for Zak Starkey.

Back Where I Belong - Polydor MC 513 518-4 (Germany/UK?)
This cassette catalog number is listed on the If There Is A Heaven CD single and the album CD from Germany. It has not yet been confirmed if it was ever produced, and if so for which country (Germany only or UK/Euro).
If There Is A Heaven - Polydor - 863 057-2 (Germany)
cd single

This CD single released in Germany contains:

  1. If There Is A Heaven (3:55) single version
  2. If There Is A Heaven (4:55) album version
  3. India (4:15)
Zak happens to be the drummer on all three tracks.
The sleeve says the song is from "the forthcoming album Back Where I Belong".

If There Is A Heaven - Polydor - 863 056-7 (Germany/UK?)
This catalog number for a 7" vinyl single is listed on the sleeve of the CD-single. It has not yet been confirmed to have been produced and if so, for what country (Germany only or UK/Euro)
If There Is A Heaven - Polydor - PROMO - 863 059-2 (Germany)
promo tri-fold cd single

This is a GERMAN promo CD single, in a deluxe tri-fold sleeve

  1. If There Is a Heaven (4:52) album version
  2. Back Where I Belong (2:30)
  3. Sweet Elyse (2:30)
  4. It Ain't Good Enough (2:30)
The liner notes are completely in German.

Angel In The Bed - Polydor - 863 763-2 (Germany)
cd single

This is a German CD single containing:

  1. Angel In The Bed (4:37)
  2. If It Ain't Worth Fighting For (4:07)
This appears to be a stock copy, as the disc and sleeve do not contain any promo markings.
promo insert However, included inside the sleeve is a "Polydor Produkt Info" sheet, with a brief bio and a list of tour dates! This CDs may have only reached the promo distribution channels.

updated2.gif REISSUE

Early in 2003, the full length CD started to appear on Ebay in extremely high numbers, at low prices - including "buy it now"s! A quick search of the usual 'reputable' retailers found it listed under the "Phantom" record label.

The CD is NEARLY IDENTICAL to the original. There is absolutely NO writing on the cover, insert or disc to indicate that this is a REISSUE. The Phantom label name or a reissue date is nowhere to be found.

The ONLY WAY to tell the difference between the reissue and the original is:
1) Although close, the printing (especially the details in Tony's clothes and hat) is not as clear as the original. The smallest print on the inside front cover is also a shade darker on than the original, which is more uniform.

2) The "Tony Martin" on the original DISC is in the same metallic copper color as the cover, and the blue print has a slight metallic quality. On the "reissue", it is in RED, and the blue print is a brighter shade and not at all metallic.

3) The original disc is completely smooth on top (no inner ring ridge or groove) and "made in germany" can be seen etched in the inner circle on the underside, opposite the etched matrix #. The "reissue" has a visible groove on the front side, and only a matrix # on the reverse.

I'd have to say that if this was a TRUE reissue, why be afraid of identifying itself as such. BEWARE if you are looking for an original pressing. Phantom version on

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