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Zak Starkey's work with:
Mark Ashton

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In late 1987 - early 1988 Mark Ashton was putting together a band in LA to attract some record company interest. Mark had been the drummer and background vocalist in the early 70's progressive band "Rare Bird", later moved to guitars and vocals with his mid 70's band Headstone, and then released a couple of solo efforts in the late 70s.

This time around, the band was known for a while as "Modern Pilgrims", but quickly morphed to simply "Ashton". A number of record company showcase gigs were booked, and eventually the band was signed to RCA. The album "Modern Pilgrims" by Ashton was released in 1988 on RCA, and was produced by Paul Rothschild of Doors fame.

Zak's not on that record. But he was involved in the band that played the early showcase gigs. That band included Mark Ashton (Rare Bird), Mandy Meyer (Krokus, Cobra, Asia), Bob Birch and Guy Babylon (both to later join Elton's band). Also recruited for guitar was Devin Powers. Devin had just finished up work with John Entwistle and Zak on The Rock project and suggested Zak for the drummer's seat.

This configuration played the record showcases, but by the time they entered the studio, the lineup was slightly altered.


Ashton circa 1988
left-right: Devin Powers, Zak Starkey, Mark Ashton,
Mandy Meyer, Bob Birch and Guy Babylon


No official release with Zak on drums.
Ashton LP coverThe album "Modern Pilgrims" by Ashton was released on RCA in 1988, produced by Paul Rotschild. The album featured Mark Ashton (guitars, vocals),Mandy Meyer (guitar), Mark Adams (guitar), Jonathan Valen (drums), Guy Babylon (keyboards), Bob Birch (bass). It was during these sessions that Guy and Bob met Davey Johnstone, and later were recruited into Elton's band.


The band in this configuration with Zak did performed live for a number of record company showcase gigs in and around LA.

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