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Zak Starkey's appearance at the:
Steve Marriott
Memorial Event 2001

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new-rd.gifMarch 2005 - The 3 CD Set finally available!!
new-rd.gifJune 2004 - THE DVD is finally available!!

April 20, 2001 - Astoria, London

posterAs reported on :
To mark the 10th year since the passing of legendary guitarist Steve Marriott, a celebration of his work took place at the Astoria on April 20, 2001. The event featured many guest musicians whom were inspired by Steves work. The evening was to be filmed for TV, and a later DVD & CD release. Organizers promised that should the event make a profit, a donation will be made to The Small Faces Charitable Trust. The Astoria holds about 3000, and the event quickly sold out!

Providing backing for most of the special guests was The Zak Starkey House Band:
Zak in  action - ©  Deb Wakeford
photo © Deb Wakeford
  • Bobby Tench - Guitar & vocals
  • Rick Wills - Guitar & vocals
  • Dave Colwell - Guitar
  • Zak Starkey - Drums
  • "Rabbit" Bundrick - Keyboards
  • Simon Hickling - Blues harp
  • Billy Nicholls - Backing vocals
  • Tony Rivers - Backing vocals
  • Anthony Rivers - Backing vocals

Vocals / guest::
Dennis Greaves: What'Cha Gonna Do About It?, Five Long Years, Just a Phone Call Away
Simon Hickling & Dennis Greaves: Big Train Stop at Memphis
Bobby Tench: Fool for a Pretty Face
Debbie Bonham: I Can't Stand The Rain, (If You Think You're) Groovy
Debbie Bonham & Molly Marriott's band D2M: Black Coffee
Tony Rivers: Itchycoo Park
Steve Ellis: My Way of Giving
Toby Marriott (& his vocalist Max) & D2M: 30 Days in the Hole

The event featured a reunion of HUMBLE PIE - (Peter Frampton, Greg Ridley, Clem Clempson, Jerry Shirley), Glen Matlock and the Mods, Johns Children, Midge Ure, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Ian Mclagan, Kenney Jones, and 17 Black(a tribute band).

A very detailed review of the evening and the set lists can be seen at: Room For Ravers


The event was recorded and filmed.

CD [2002]

A single hightlights CD was released April 23rd in the UK. Plans are to release about one year later, an extensive, limited edition box set of the FULL concert (3 hours), with interviews and a nice book to go with it, (shooting for the £50 price point) [still no sign of that as of Nov 2004].

Mustn't Grumble - Steve Marriot Tribute Concert

CD cover
Nice / Sanctuary SANCD112
Apr 23 2002

Vinyl cover
Simply Vinyl

Steve Ellis & The Mods: Song Of A Baker
Dennis Greaves
w / House band
Whatcha Gonna Do About It
Phone Call Away
Simon 'Honeyboy' Hickling
w/ House band
Big Train
Debbie Bonham
w / House band
(If You Think You're) Groovy
Black Coffee
Tony Rivers
w / House band
Itchycoo Park
Steve Ellis
w / Houseband
My Way Of Giving
The House Band (with
Toby & Mollie Marriott)
30 Days in The Hole
John's Children Lazy Sunday
Humble Pie Four Day Creep
Natural Born Bugie
Shine On
Midge Ure My Minds Eye
All Star Band -
Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher,
Ian McLagan & Kenney Jones
Become Like You (Weller voc)
I'm Only Dreaming (Weller voc)
Get Yourself Together (Mac voc)
Here Come The Nice (Noel G. voc)
All Star Band -
w / Steve Ellis
Tin Soldier
Everyone! All Or Nothing

3 CD Set [March 2005]

This version is a 3 CD set containing EVERY performance from the Memorial Concert! It includes a glossy booklet with lots of photos and a 2001 Kenny Jones interview.


cd cover

Wapping Wharf Records
March 28 2005


One More Time For the Ol Tosser -
Steve Marriott Tribute Show

Disc 1:
1. Don't Burst My Bubble
2. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
3. Hey Girl
4. Rene
17 Black
5. Lazy Sunday
6. It's Too Late
John's Children
7. Sha La La La Lee The Mods
8. Understanding
9. Song of a Baker
10. Afterglow
The Mods & Steve Ellis
11. Whatcha Gonna Do About It
12. Five Long Years
13. Phone Call Away
Dennis Greaves & House band
14. Big Train Stop at Memphis Simon Hickling & House band

15. Fool For A Pretty Face

House band
Disc 2 Disc 3
1. I Can't Stand the Rain
2. (If You Think You're) Groovy
3. Black Coffee
Debbie Bonham & House band
4. Itchycoo Park Tony Rivers & House band
5. My Way Of Giving Steve Ellis & Houseband
6. 30 Days in The Hole The House Band & Toby & Mollie Marriott
7. Four Day Creep
8. Natural Born Bugie
9. Hallelujah I Love Her So
10. Shine On
11. I Don't Need No Doctor
Humble Pie
12. My Minds Eye Midge Ure

1. Become Like You (Weller voc)
2. I'm Only Dreaming (Weller voc)
3. Get Yourself Together (Mac voc)
4. Here Come The Nice (Noel G. voc)
5. Tin Soldier (Steve Ellis voc)
6. All Or Nothing (everyone!)

All Star Band -
Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher,
Ian McLagan & Kenney Jones
7. John Hellier interviews Kenny Jones 2001



DVD [June 2004]

Steve Marriott
Astoria Memorial Concert DVD
SMDVD01 - Sound Discs Ltd
PAL, Region 0, Dolby Digital 5.1
approx 2 hrs


1. Concert Retrospective
(mini documentary + interviews
with Ian McLagan & Kenney Jones)

2. Beyond the Stage
(behind the scenes footage)


Released in conjunction with the Steve Marriott Estate. Artist Royalties from the sale of this DVD have been donated to the Small Faces Charitable Trust.

Available directly through

(finally began shipping in June 2004!)

  1. The Mods - Sha la la lee
  2. Steve Ellis & The Mods:
  3. Song of A Baker
  4. Afterglow
  5. House Band + Dennis Greaves
    Phone Call Away
  6. House Band + Simon 'Honeyboy' Hickling
    Big Train
  7. House Band + Bobby Tench
    Fool For A Pretty Face
  8. House Band + Debbie Bonham
    I Can't Stand The Rain
  9. (If You Think You're) Groovy
  10. Black Coffee
  11. House Band + Tony Rivers
    Itchycoo Park
  12. House Band + Steve Ellis
    My Way Of Giving
  13. House Band + Max Ireland +Toby Marriott
    30 Days in The Hole
  14. Humble Pie - Four Day Creep
  15. Humble Pie - Natural Born Bugie
  16. Humble Pie - Hallelujah I Love Her So
  17. Humble Pie - Shine On
  18. Humble Pie - I Don't Need No Doctor
  19. Midge Ure - My Mind's Eye
  20. Paul Weller, Noel Gallegher
    Ian McLagan, Kenney Jones, Gem Archer
    Become Like You
  21. I'm Only Dreaming
  22. Get Yourself Together
  23. Here Comes The Nice
  24. Paul Weller, Noel Gallegher
    Ian McLagan, Kenney Jones,
    Jerry Shirley, Steve Ellis, Gem Archer
    Tin Soldier
  25. All or Nothing


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