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Zak Starkey's Work with:
Mike Hurst

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In 1962, Mike Hurst joined The Springfields, which included Dusty and Tom, and managed to score the very first top ten American hit for a British vocal group - "Silver Threads And Golden Needles" (1962). From late 1963 through the end of 1964, Mike had a 'country rock' band that featured Jimmy Page (and later Albert Lee) on guitar and Tony Ashton on keyboards. He later was the host of BBC radio's Teenscene.

He began his producing career with a bang in 1966 by signing an unknown Cat Stevens, and producing all his early hits. He went on to produce for many others such as Manfred Mann, Spencer Davies, the Four Tops, with a total of forty-nine top forty singles and ten platinum albums to bear his credits. He has continued to have a varied career in the music scene wearing the many hats of producer, teacher, lecturer, researcher and historian.

So, what's this got to do with Zak Starkey? Well, apparently Zak played on a few SUNDANCE demos of Mike's and they surfaced as bonus tracks on a "two-for" CD reissue of Mike's earlier works. Sundance - was formed early in 1982 and was made up of Mike Hurst, Michael de Alberquerque (ex-ELO) and Mary Hopkin (yes, THE Mary Hopkin). Their first recordings happened at Herne Place Studios with Ray Fenwick on guitar, Steve Price on bass and Steve Dimitri on drums. Sundance's 1982 self titled album was released on Bronze Records, and spawned the single "What's Love?". Mary's health problems virtually put an end to the band by the end of 1983. This album made its CD debut in May of 2002 on Angel Air Records.

Exactly when, where and how Zak ends up on the SUNDANCE bonus tracks on Mike's CD is unclear, though he did do quite a bit of session work at Herne Place in the early 1980s. Mike Hurst is one of the producers of the SFX single that Zak was (according to Zak) erroneously reported as being on. Aim To Win, one of the SFX tracks, is available on another Hurst compilation CD - Producers Archives Vol 1, while Rockin' With My Radio, another SFX single, appears on Producers Archive Vol 2.

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Mike Hurst - Home / My Time Angel Air - SJPCD098

November 14, 2001


1. World of Glass
2. Face from the Past
3. To My Daughter
4. Hung Upside Down
5. All I Can Do Is Sing
6. Big Cities
7. Photograph of Love
8. Demolition Zone
9. Scarlett Revisited
10. In My Time
11. New York City

12. Time Will Make It Rights
13. Place in the Country
14. Big Jet Song
15. Indian Tears
16. Show Me the Way to Georgia
17. Over Again
18. Lord I Don't Have the Time
19. Which Way Does Your River Flow

Bonus tracks:
20. Never Going Back/Silver Threads and Golden Needles [*]
21. So Sad [*]

* Zak Starkey is listed as playing on the Bonus tracks along with Steve Price, Steve Dimitri, Bimbo Acock, Mike deAlberqueque, Mary Hopkin and Mike Hurst.
Mike Hurst - Producers Archives Vol 1 - Angel Air SJPCD123
cd cover
November 4, 2002
Track Listing: Paul & Barry Ryan - Keep It Out Of Sight; Episode Six - My Little One; Ralph De Blanc - So You Win Again; Shakin' Stevens - Never; Eddie Hardin - Resurrection Shuffle; New World - Rose Garden; New World - Tom Tom Turnaround; New World - Kara Kara; Eddie Grant - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah); The Favourite Sons - That Driving Beat; The Alan Bown - Strange Little Friend; Four Tops - For Your Love; Colin Blunstone - Never My Love; Colin Blunstone - Don't Try To Explain; Samantha Fox - Aim To Win; Hardin & York - Tomorrow Today
Aim to Win is one of the released tracks from the Samatha Fox S.F.X sessions.
Zak says he was NOT part of the SFX sessions.
Mike Hurst - Producers Archives Vol 2: 1963-1983 - Angel Air SJPCD172
cd cover
November 4, 2002
Track Listing: Video Killed The Radio Star- Bruce Wooley & The Camera Club, Show Me Around - Mike Hurst, Rock N' Roll School - Fumble, Rennaissance Fair - Human Instinct, Anytime That You Want Me - Mike Hurst (Jimmy Page's first solo), Here You Come Again - Lena Zavaroni, Songs - SONGS - Lena Zavaroni, Come Away Melinda - Barry St.John, Spooky - Shakin' Stevens, Help Me Rhonda - Gary Wilson Band, Rockin' With My Radio - Sam Fox, A Day In My Minds Mind - Human Instinct, Takin Time Off - Truly Smith, This Is The First Time - Truly Smith, Splish Splash - Jonas (w/Alvin Lee), Little Queenie - Jonas (w/Alvin Lee)
Rockin' With My Radio is one of the released tracks from the Samatha Fox S.F.X sessions.
Zak says he was NOT part of the SFX sessions.

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