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Zak Starkey on Eddie Hardin's:
Wind In The Willows Live

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updated.gifNOW AVAILABLE ON DVD Feb 2003!
new-rd.gifJune 2004 - ALAB Eddie Hardin's Autobiography now available! Signed copies available through his website!

In 1985, Eddie Hardin and Zak Starkey released their LP Wind In The Willows, based Kenneth Grahame's book of the same name. There had been talk of staging a live production in London around the time of its release, but it did not happen. What DID take place six years later, was a live presentation done for German Television, featuring another all-star cast of British musicians.


zak starkey
Zak and Pete York
zak again

The event took place in June 1991, at the Zeitfestival Freiburg, Germany. The musicians for the evening were Eddie Hardin, Jon Lord, Pete York, Ray Fenwick, Don Airey, Zak Starkey, Steve Richardson, Raf Ravenscroft, with special guests Graham Bonnet, Maggie Bell, Donovan, Tony Ashton, Joe Fagin and Val McKenna.


The show was broadcast on German television, and the audio portions later released on CD. It is chock full of Deep Purple affiliates (one mail-order outfit listed it as a Jon Lord solo CD!) and has been described as being much like "Butterfly Ball" and The Wizard's Convention stuff.
[ updated.gifNOW AVAILABLE ON DVD Feb 2003!]


This has been released a number of times, with slight variations.

A Musical Adaptation by Eddie Hardin

Inakustik #INAK 9010E - Germany, 1992

CD coverTracks (featuring):

  1. Intro
  2. Wind In The Willows - main theme
    (Instrumental: R.Fenwick & Jon Lord)
  3. Good Morning To You -
    (J.Fagin, G.Bonnet,M.Bell & V.McKenna)
  4. I'd Forgotten How To Smile - (V.McKenna & J.Fagin)
  5. Fairground Fantasy - (Instrumental: D.Airey & Jon Lord)
  6. The Wild Wood - (T.Ashton)
  7. The Badger - (G.Bonnet)
  8. I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow - (G.Bonnet & M.Bell)
  9. The Life We Left Behind - (Donovan and The Company)
  10. Maggie's Song - (Maggie Bell)
  11. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - (G.Bonnet)
  12. Why Can't We Go Home - (G.Bonnet)
  13. Wayfarers All - (E.Hardin, T.Ashton and The Company)
  14. Wind In The Willows - reprise
All songs written by Eddie Hardin except "The Wild Wood" written by Eddie Hardin & Zak Starkey.
Recorded live June 1991 at Zeitfestival Freiburg, Germany
Produced by Eddie Hardin & Pete York.

  • Jon Lord - organ, keyboards
  • Maggie Bell - vocals (tracks 3,8,10)
  • Donovan - vocals (track 9)
  • Pete York - Drums
  • Eddie Hardin - Piano, vocals (tracks 3,13)
  • Graham Bonnet - vocals (tracks 7,8,11,12)
  • Tony Ashton - Piano & Vocals (track 6)

  • Zak Starkey - Drums
  • Ray Fenwick - Guitar
  • Don Airey - Keyboards
  • Joe Fagin - vocals (tracks 4,8)
  • Val McKenna - vocals (tracks 3,4)
  • Raf Ravenscroft - Tenor Sax
  • Steve Richardson - Bass


Eddie Hardin's Wind In The Willows Concert

Angel Air Records - SJPCD019 - (1998)

wiwlcd2_aa.jpg Remastered December 1997 at Crossfade Northants, England

Changes found on this version Angel Air's version

Hardin & York's - Wind In The Willows Rock Concert

wiwdvd.jpgThe complete version of Eddie Hardin's musical interpretation of 'Wind In the Willows'. NOW available on DVD through Angel Air/BGO!
Angel Air DVD - NJPDVD601 (Feb 2003)
Region 0, PAL [according to Angel Air's website - but lists it is Region 2 PAL]
Track Listing: Wind In The Willows (Main Theme); Good Morning To You; I've Forgotten How To Smile; Fairground Fantasy; The Wild Wood; The Badger; Looking Forward to Tomorrow; The Life We Left Behind; Badgers Theme; Maggie's Theme; Mr. Toad's Theme; Don't Seem Like Progress To Me; Can Dreams Come True; Piper At The Gates Of Dawn; Why Can't We Go Home; Wayfarers All; Wind In The Willows (reprise); BONUS TRACK Love Is All.


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