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Zak Starkey's work with:
John Entwistle

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Though they may have known each other socially for some time, it wasn't until after John had witnessed sixteen year old Zak's playing with Monopacific at Dingwalls, that he invited Zak to work with him. However, Zak's commitment to his band prevented him from taking John up on his offer right away. Luckily another opportunity came about a few years later, and they have collaborated on a number of projects over the years since.

Releases / Recordings

therock_sm.jpg The Rock [mid 1980's]

wiwcvr_sm.jpg Wind In The Willows [1985]

brad1_12_sm.jpg The Crowd [1985]

nf_zlft2_sm.jpg Nightfly [1985]

wiseguyscd_sm.jpg Wiseguy's International [1992]


Musikmesse, Frankfurt Germany [March 1987]

(aka Frankfurt Music Messe - one of the World's biggest trade shows)
John and a number of associates, friends and strangers performed at a showcase sponsored by Hamer Guitars - Bass and Sound Check Magazine, at The Dorian Gray Nightclub at Frankfurt Airport as part of this trade convention. The band reportedly had John - bass, Zak Starkey - drums, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Jack Bruce, Nick Mason, Phil Collen & Steve Clark (Def Lep)- guitars, Steve Stevens (Idol) - guitar, and assorted-rotating-walk-on guest jammers.

The event was video taped by Jon Hammond for his MCTV show "The Jon Hammond Show" - boasting over 20 continuous year of cable broadcasting in NYC!
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updateJon Hammond has just posted a clip on Google Video from the event as aired on his MCTV show way back when up!! Check it out!

 Aids Day Benefit [1987]

 TVS Drugs Trust [circa 1987-1989]

 The Best [1990]

dst_smf.jpg Daltrey Sings Townshend [1994 / 1995]

 Ringo's All-Starr Band #3 [1995]

 Who Convention [1995]

 Tony Ashton Testimonial Concert [2000]

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