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Zak Starkey on recordings by:
Oasis 2004

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Recording of the 6th studio album:

In the same radio interview that Noel confirms the 2004 Glastonbury appearance and Zak's participation, he also confirms that Zak will be on the upcoming Oasis release, or at least on some of the tracks:

"We've known Zak for a while and we asked him if he'd play on a few songs and he said yeah, and he has done and it's been absolutely fantastic."

And although it was originally announced that no new material would be presented, Noel & Co did decide to debut two new numbers at Glastonbury after all, sighting that the set ran short without them (they were also in the set played at Poole just prior).

From the beginning

Seems the recording of this follow-up to Heathen Chemistry has been plagued by numerous direction changes. Recording began in November 2003, and in January (6th) 2004, Noel was telling interviewers that the new album would be out in September, with an already chosen single in July. He was saying it would be "a psychedelic Rock n Roll Record", praising Liam's songs and talking about working with producers Death In Vegas.

Exit One Drummer

By Jan 11th, Alan White was out of the band, and rumors of Zak and Terry Kirkbride as replacements were circulated. Late February came the reports of the inevitable release delay, but were still mentioning the band was working with Death In Vegas.

Exit First Producers

Death in Vegas were out of the picture by March 09, though Noel called the "really ****in' good" impending release well on the way to being finished, complete with a chosen track listing: "We've done a bunch of really ****ing good demos and we put together a running order of what we thought the album was gonna be and we whittled it down to ten tracks." Noel was still telling NME on March 13th that the album was on schedule, but by the 31st he was simply saying it should appear by the end of the year.

Just like Starting Over ...

April brought the ever popular 'they're killing each other' brotherly dust-ups back into the papers. And by the time of Glastonbury, stories of requests for separate dressing rooms as far apart as possible from each other were all the rage. Just after the Glastonbury gig (June 25th), Noel told the BBC that it was "back to the drawing board" as "the moment has passed" for some of the songs already recorded. He said the band would work on more new material, and that his 'end of year' prediction for release was also not likely anymore. In his letter to NME July 8th, Noel says: "... we think the 'moment' for that particular record has passed. We plan to start work on a new set of songs some time in July and we hope to have a new album out in February/March 2005 ..."

Off to L.A. with a Deadline

By the end of August, rumors surfaced that Rick Rubin had been recruited to help out producing. This was followed by Noel reporting “We have got four tracks down but there is still another six or seven to do. "We've spent almost a year recording but we haven’t got the sound right — but the songs are good." There was then talk of the band doing some recording in LA. A Sept 16th NME report finally reported that the band was in the studio in LA, working with producer Dave Sardy (Thrills producer).

On Sept 20th, Noel was again quoting release dates on Canadian Radio but this time being very specific: "May 26th and you can quote me on that", with a single probably in March. He reasons that having an actual deadline date will force them to focus.

The Story So Far, According to Noel

In another radio interview about a week later and published on XFM's site on Sept 29th, Noel brings all the bits and pieces into a more focused scenario:

(paraphrasing) They started out recording the album with Death In Vegas, but ran out of time due to DIV's other commitments. So they then tried to combine that material with other demo material they had done already, but that didn't work. Then they were just going to release the demos. But because they had Alan drumming on them, that would have been a problem. Then they thought they'd just get Zak to drum on the demos that were already done, but that didn't sound right as the drums were going on last. And that leads us to the now 'f*** it, we're starting from scratch' approach. He says they never completely scrapped it, but during all this time, more and more songs were being written, so there's more to choose from now.
And of course, being the consummate self-promoter, Noel can't resist throwing in a bit about Zak's Dad, which I'll write about here if the old man ends up NOT telling 'em to 'f*** off' .

Hear the interview segments at XFM

LA Recording and Mixing October - November 2004

In Late October, keen eyes were spotting the Gallaghers out and about in LA. Apparently some recording did take place of at the Capitol Building, while the majority of the stay was spent mixing and overdubbing at Village Recording Studios. The band was working with Producer Dave Sardy and engineer Greg Gordon. The band wrapped things up by the last weekend in November, and headed home.

Terry Kirkbride confirmed in November that he was NOT involved in any of the LA sessions, and that he had previously worked on some of the demos and original sessions, but wasn't sure if any was to be used on the album. It is interesting to note however, that he posted in December on his website that he will be "Playing Percussion" on the "June/July 2005 Oasis UK Tour" ...

Noel confirmed (while attending the Comedy Awards, Dec 22) that the album was indeed finished, and that they shot the cover that very day. He did not quote his original "hold me to it" release date, but said it would be out in May with a single in March.

See what actually happens in 2005! ..

""Follow the album saga into 2005!

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