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Simon Townshend Band:
Among Us CD

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This LP features a number of songs that were originally demo'd and played live by Animal Soup - the band Simon Townshend and Zak Starkey were members of in 1994/95. Among Us features new recordings by Simon and his 1995 band "stb" (Simon Townshend Band). However, Zak's guitar playing originally found on the Animal Soup demo tracks, can be heard on two of this CD's tracks:
When She Sleeps - Zak plays slide guitar
Ecstasy Heaven - Zak plays lead guitar.

The CD was released twice (each slightly different, though both have the same front cover and nearly identical back covers).

Among Us - STIR Music - STIR002 (1996) CD

CD coverThis is the original 1996, private label release of this amazing album, and it contains both "When She Sleeps" and Ecstasy Heaven" with Zak's guitar parts. It was sold (AND STILL AVAILABLE!) through Simon's official site, and at his live appearances.

Among Us - Rising Records - RR10105 (1997) CD

CD coverCirca July of 1997, Simon signed a deal with Rising Records. The CD was remixed and re-sequenced and released on Sept. 9th, 1997. Both "When She Sleeps" and Ecstasy Heaven" with Zak's guitar parts are still included, though the mix is slightly different in both. The CD had national distribution in the US, but unfortunately, Rising Records folded not too long after, and this version may be a bit difficult to track down, though still spotted in some larger store bins!

For FULL DETAILS about each of these versions, check out my Simon Townshend pages!

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