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Zak Starkey with John Entwistle's:
The Best

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BeatleFan magazine (late 1990) reported that "Playboy magazine says John Entwistle is putting together a band with Joe Walsh, Keith Emerson and Zak Starkey."
Could this have been a variation of THE BEST?

What / Who was THE BEST?

From an Interview with John Entwistle, By Alan McKendree, 7 Sept 1994:
What ever happened with your band The Best?
We did a tour of Japan; I formed a band with Jeff Baxter, and Zak [Starkey] was in the band for a while, and The Best really jammed into that.
Do you think that might come back, be resurrected at any point?

Yeah, there's always a possibility of it. The Best was never supposed to be a set band, there were supposed to be a couple of set members and then the rest would change. We had another tour planned of America, had lots of dates lined up, but we just couldn't get the people we wanted at the right time. So it kind of fell through for that one year, and now I'm onto this thing. There's a possibility it could come back again.

1994 by Alan McKendree, 701-B Carolyn Ave. Austin, TX 78705. Permission is hereby given to reproduce this interview provided that it is unedited except for length, and is accompanied by this notice.

The video of a THE BEST Japan show that was floating around was, I thought, dated circa 1990. Zak was not the drummer at that show. But John makes reference to an unrealized American tour due to not being able to get the people he wanted at the right time - maybe this is what the Playboy blip was about?

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