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Zak Starkey live with:
Johnny Marr's Healers

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2000 Shows

Zak - ©2000 Sean Dooley - Used with permission
Photo 2000 Sean Dooley - Used with permission

The year 2000 marked the live debut of Johnny Marr's Healers!
The band members for all of the following dates were:

Debut Gigs

May 25, 2000 - The Sugar House - Lancaster, UK    First ever gig
The Healers live debut was at a secret gig! They played a set of new material that lasted about 1.25 hours. The unsuspecting audience was greeted by Marr's announcement "We're The Healers if you didn't know already, and this is our first gig." The band performed: Bangin' On, Last Ride (possible 1st single), Here it Comes, Caught Up, Down on the Corner, Get me Wrong, Coming On, Need it, Another Day, I Need Somebody [Stooges tune], Just a Fool. Reports indicated that the band was pleased with the show, and that the audience enjoyed the energy of the band. One review posting described the sound of the songs: some include "harmonica & quick funk slide guitar riffs" and the overall sound being one of a "guitar ensemble".
Saturday, May 27, 2000 - Coventry Coliseum [The Left Wing], Primrose Hill St, Coventry, UK
This was the first announced, but second overall gig of Johnny Marr's Healers. The band played a 9 song main set and 3 song encore in this pub annex of the nightclub to a packed house (capacity approx. 250-300).
The set included Bangin' On, Last Ride, Caught Up, Down On The Corner .
As one witness posted:
"The general impression I've got, apart from being jostled by twats shouting for old Smiths songs, is that this band will improve with age and experience. They are tight, and the drummer is excellent. The material, heavy, swampy, rock with massive riffs, crap lyrics (better than John Squire's though) and a honest, humble vocalist, show that, with repeated exposure their stuff had the potential to be massive. " - Mark to
Melody Maker concluded their brief report with:
"It's only their second gig, and entertaining a crowd of highly curious Smith's fans clearly comes second to preparing for imminent Oasis support slots. As it stands, the beleaguered Gallagher boys face the embarrassment of being seriously upstaged." - Daniel Louw - Melody Maker June 13, 2000 pg 67.

Opening for Oasis

May 30, 2000 Filaforum - Milan, Italy
Opened for Oasis. One posting on had this to say: " > Were the Healers any good? They're good yeah, but a bit too repetitive, long-winded... top musicians though of course, not only Johnny Marr but the drums, absolutely tops ..."
May 31, 2000 Saalsporthalle - Zurich, Switzerland
Opened for Oasis
Jun 2, 2000 Weiner Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria
Opened for Oasis
Jun 3, 2000 Haus Auensee - Leipzig
Opened for Oasis
Jun 5, 2000 COS Torwar - Warsaw
Opened for Oasis
Jun 7, 2000 Arena - Berlin, Germany
Opened for Oasis

UK Warm-up gig

Prior to their opening slot for two giant UK Oasis gigs, the band warmed up in Sheffield.

July 14th The Leadmill, Sheffield UK
ticketShow was sold out, and they played for about 1.25 hours.
Set List:Bangin' On, Last Ride, Her It Comes, Caught Up, Down On The Corner, Get Me Wrong, Comin' On, Need It
encore:Another Day, Need Somebody
Zak - Leadmill - ©Deb Wakeford"Far more intriguingly, a particularly outstanding closing 15-minutes shows that Marr's legendary creativity is still intact. One song virtually invents glam reggae, another updates Hawkwind, and the awesome percussive-guitar-harmonica groove of "Need It" manages to recall Sympathy for the Devil, Lust for Life, and -- yes -- The Queen Is Dead." - review from the now defunct CDNow's Allstar News

Opening for Oasis on home turf

July 15th & 16th - Reebok Stadium, Bolton (outside Manchester) UK
Johnny Marr's Healers (along with The Happy Mondays) opened for OASIS

Some Foreign Festivals

July 29th - Fuji Rock Fest
Healers - Fuji[Naeba Ski Resort - Mikuni, Yuzawamachi, Minami Uonuma Gun, Nigata approx. 2.5 hours from Tokyo]
Healers played the main stage of the Fuji Rock Fest - the GREEN STAGE, second-to-last, after Rollins, Animal House & SonicYouth, but before the Japanese band The Michelle Gun Elephant.

August 5, 2000 - Benicássim Festival 2000,Castellón, Spain [East Coast of Spain, 80 kms North of Valencia]
Day 2 of a three day festival ...
Johnny Marr's Healers played the main stage, second to last, after Morcheeba, and before the closers Primal Scream. Reports say they played for about fifty minutes: Bangin' On, Last Ride, Caught Up, Down On The Corner, Don't Get Me Wrong, song?, song?, song?, a short instrumental. The band was basically strong armed off the stage - prevented from performing additional songs even though the crowd and the band wanted to continue. Apparently MANY bands suffered the same forceful axe from the organizers in the name of scheduling.
Reactions have been very good - the Spanish Radio 3 commentator stated that this band was the surprise of the festival, the best gig so far, with difference.

Back in the UK

Sept 5, 2000 - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth UK
ticket Set List:Bangin' On, Last Ride, Here it Comes, Caught Up, Down On The Corner, Get Me Wrong, Voodoo In You, Comin' On Ready Or Not, Need It
Encore: Another Day, I Need Somebody

Sept 6, 2000 - Scala, London, UK
ticket Set List: (said to be similar to Portsmouth, minus Voodoo In You)
Deb Wakeford was kind enough to send in some great photos!deb's photos

On a less pleasant note - some scum made off with Johnny's Cherry Red 1964 Gibson SG guitar, right after the performance at the Scala in London. Johnny's management is offering a reward for information leading to its safe return. Details are on Johnny's official site

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