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Zak Starkey's Work in:
Spin Out

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This is a band name that keeps popping up from time to time, and various sources have referred to as a "pickup band" - meaning that the personnel may have rotated and the gigs were more haphazardly or leisurely arranged. Dates for the existence of this band range from as early as 1989, all the way through to 1993. Another "pickup band" name that is often quoted for this same time span is Lend Us a Quid, though that seems to be a completely different cast of characters.

Spin Out (circa 1991)

Zak Starkey - GUITAR
From most reports, Zak player GUITAR in this band configuration.
Gary Roberts - Bass
(middle name 'son of Russ Abbott')
Gary Nuttall - Guitar
Gary used to play keyboards in Chesney Hawkes' band. He then went on to the band Face (which Zak was also a brief member!), and then on to Robbie Williams' Band (1997 - present). He joined Zak and John Entwistle for their set at the Endangered Species Concert in 2000.
Smiley (AKA Steve Barnard) - Drums / (guitar)
x-The Mock turtles, Original Robbie Williams band ( 1996 - 1998), Joe Strummer & Mescaleros. In 2002 had formed One*iota with Johnny Wilks.

Spin Out (circa 1993)

Included the main players above, but with

Steve Clarke - Drums
x-Fastway and founding member of fusion band Network (1986 - 2000 +), and also metal band Necropolis. Steve now also runs a jazz fusion label - Wenlock Records where his and Network's releases among others are available.

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