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Zak Starkey's appearance at the 1987:
Aids Day Benefit

STAND BY ME: Aids Day Benefit

Live From Wembley: April 1, 1987
aidsday87_01.jpgRadio Vision Video / VIE 67290
This concert featured a mixed bag of artists from the UK and the US. The concert video only presents 60 minutes of "highlights". Featured artists are: George Michael, Elton John, Boy George, the Communards, Holly Johnson and Kim Wilde. Special guests also included: Meat Loaf, Ben E. King, Bobby Womack, Tom Robinson and others (many not shown on this tape).

The "Supergroup" that served as backup band to the artists that weren't all synth'd or didn't bring their own band was made up of:us video cover

uk vhs coverReleased in the UK A "Stand By Me - Benefit Concert" Polygram Msic Video VHS 0417472 (1987) and featured a different cover, but apparently the same track list.

This Supergroup can be seen in three clips on the tape:
- Backing Boy George singing a rockin' reggae "Freedom"
- Backing Holly Johnson singing "Born To Run"
- Backing Meat Loaf, joined by all guests on stage for the finale, singing "Stand By Me" (this bit is also shown at the start of the tape).

To say this is an eclectic bunch is an understatement! If anyone actually attended this show, or knows of a full audio or video of this event, PLEASE let me know!
aidsday87_02.jpg aidsday87_04b.jpg  aidsday87_05b.jpg   aidsday87_06b.jpg

This was available for a very brief time on Laser Disc in Japan under the title:
George Michael, Elton John and Friends: Live in Wembley Arena

This same title has recently surfaced (2003) on a quasi-legal DVD out of Brazil, and is just a copy of the Laser disc with supposed 5.1 surround! There is no video improvement here, as the laser disc looked like a tranfer direct from a video tape, and this DVD is simply a direct transfer from the laser disc. Also no extra footage as it also runs about 50 minutes. DVDBrazil # DVD2029.

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