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Zak Starkey's Work with:
Oasis 2005

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Some Background:

For the genesis of Zak's involvement with the band Oasis, see the Zak with Oasis 2004 page.

For the most part, the 6th Oasis album was finished by the very end of 2004, and tour dates had begun to surface for 2005. There was initial confusion among some fans about who would be the drummer on the tour - as Terry Kirkbride's site had listed him to play "percussion" with Oasis for some UK dates. Then in Feb, Noel confirmed in various radio interviews that Zak was indeed the drummer for the tour.

Be sure to check the dedicated Don't Believe The Truth page for all the background, recording, release and chart avtivity!

The Band picked up two Q Awards in Oct 2005
Best Album: Don't Believe The Truth, and
Peoples Choice Award.
Q Award Winners


Releases 2005:

The 6th album by Oasis has been preceeded with the usual mystery, excitement and hype that swirls around the band.


Album officially announced March 7 2005. Check out the Don't Believe The Truth page for a blow by blow summary of the recording, drama and hype that surrounded Oasis' 6th album.
cd coverOasis - Don't Believe The Truth
Full release details including promos and singles


cd coverOasis - Don't Believe The Truth (UK Limited edition)
A limited edition of the album came with a bonus DVD:
Full details

Live 2005:

Tour Rehearsals

March/April - The band reportedly had a month of practice sessions to compile and tweak the setlist for the upcoming tour.

2005 Video Shoot

The Lyla video was shot March 18th at the Round Chapel in Hackney, East London, before a live audience of extras.
The Importance of Being Idle was shot in London on May 17th.
Let There Be Love appears to have been shot at various times and venues during the 2005 tour.
Full details

2005 TV Appearances

The band made a variety of TV and Radio appearances promoting the album and tour - mostly through out the UK and Europe. US TV appearances were nonexistent, though we did get a great Boston gig broadcast (though you had to get the better version of it through GERMAN radio!)
Full details

2005 World Tour

Oasis played both large and small venues in and around Europe, came to North America twice, to the Far East twice and then back to Europe and the UK. There is also talk a retun US visit in early 2006!

Leg 1 - UK & Euro dates - part 1
May 10 - Jun 12 - London, Italy, Scotland, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany & Denmark.
Full details
Leg 2 - US & Canada dates - part 1
Jun 15 - Jun 25 - Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Boston and Philly
Full details -
Leg 3 - UK & Euro dates - part 2
Jun 29 - Aug 7 - Scotland, Manchester, Southampton, Milton Keyes, Newcastle, Dublin, Portugal & Spain.
Full details
Leg 4 - Far East dates - part 1
Aug 11-14 - Nagoya, Osaka & Tokyo Japan
Full details
Leg 5 - UK & Euro dates - part 3
Aug 18 - 21 - Austria & Chelmsford/Staffordshire
Full details
Leg 6 - US & Canada dates - part 2
Sep 8 - Oct 3- - Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, NY, Atlantic City
Full details
Leg 7 - Euro dates - part 4
Oct 20 - Nov 1 - Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Spain
Full details
Leg 8 - Far East & Australian dates - part 2
Nov 26 - Dec 4 - Osaka, Tokyo, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
Full details
Leg 9 - UK dates - part 5
Dec 17 - Dec 21 - Wales, Scotland, Belfast & Dublin
Full details

2006 - The Don't Believe The Truth World Tour Continues

Oasis continued on through March 2006! Catch up on other 2006 Oasis News

Leg 10 - Euro dates - part 6
Jan 25-Feb 14 - Norway, Sweden, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, & UK
Full details
Leg 11 - South East Asia dates
Feb 18 - Feb25 - Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong
Full details
Leg 12 - South American dates
Mar 10 - Mar 12 - Argentina, Chili
Full details
Leg 13 - US & Canada (part 3) & Mexico
Mar 20 - Mar 31 - Toronto, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Houston, Mexico City
Full details

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