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Zak Starkey's work with:
Eddie Hardin

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new-rd.gif5 Sep 2004 - ALAB Book Launch at The Punch Bowl, Mayfair postponed (more)
new-rd.gifJune 2004 - ALAB Eddie Hardin's Autobiography now available! Signed copies available through his website! (more)

For those who may not know, Eddie Hardin is a veteran rock keyboardist, who in the 1960s replaced the departing Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group. The 1970's saw the successful partnering of Eddie and SDG's drummer Pete York into the duo Hardin-York (which has continued on and off over three decades!). Eddie is primarily known to Deep Purple Family fans for his work on Roger Glover's "Butterfly Ball" (1974), as well as Eddie's own 1976 Wizards Convention.

Zak and Eddie have worked together many many times over the years, starting around 1982. Zak did quite a bit of studio work for Eddie and Eddie's studio clients.

Releases / Recordings

Spencer Davis Group - Demos

Usually listed as Zak's first professional studio gig at the age of 17. He is quoted in a 1987 Modern Drummer as having done about 30 demos with them. Now whether these were strictly "Spencer Davis" demos, or he is also counting all the demos he was on for Eddie and associates during that time period is unclear. (back to Zak's Bands,Gigs,Sessions )

 Eddie Hardin & Zak Starkey's Wind in the Willows [1985]lp cover

 Lynn Sheppard's Ocean City [1980's]cd cover

 Denny Laine - Hometown Girls [1985] - (President PTLS 1080)

lp coverAlthough Steve Holly and Peter Brita are credited with 'drums' on this LP, there is a small "thanks to" Zak in the liner notes. Eddie plays some keyboards on the LP and co-wrote the song Twist Of Fate with Denny. Maybe Zak appears on that track?? Or was he just hanging around the studio?
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 Chris Thompson - Radio Voices [1985] lp cover

 The Crowd - You'll Never Walk Alone [1985]lp cover

 Mike D'Abo - Indestructible [1987] lp cover

 Denny Laine - Lonely Road [1988] - (President PTLS 1092)

lp coverFor this LP, Eddie is listed as one of the three producers, and the core band is made up of Denny, Eddie, Ray Fenwick and Pete York.
Zak has been credited elsewhere as playing on Without Your Love (Eddie Hardin) , and it may be possible that he's also on Peace Must Come Again (Eddie Hardin).
NOTE: The version of Without Your Love with Eddie on vocals and Denny on backing vocals from Wizard's Convention 3, credits ZAK on drums.
45 labelThere was a single released that features BOTH of these songs:
Peace Must Come Again / Without Your Love - President - PT569
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Eddie Hardin -  Situations [1988] - (President PTLS1089)

cd cover (unconfirmed tracks)

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Pete York presents Superdrumming Vol 2 [1989]cd cover

Eddie Hardin -  Wind In The Willows Live [1991]cd cover

Eddie Hardin -  Wizard's Convention 2 [1995]cd cover

Eddie Hardin - When We Were Young [1996] - (INAK 11005)

cd coverFor this "new age" release of Eddie's, Zak is on the only track with drums - Bricks and Mortar

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Eddie Hardin -  Wizard's Convention 3 [1980's / 1997]cd cover

Eddie Hardin -  Wizard's Convention: The Masters [1999]cd cover

Eddie Hardin -  Just Passing Through [2000]

cd cover This is available exclusively through Eddie's official site
Though the packaging does not contain exact credits, Zak is listed as one of the guest musicians. My ears tell me he is on at least two, if not four tracks.
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Eddie Hardin - Wind In The Willow Live - DVD [released Feb 10 2003] wiwdvd_sm.jpg

Pete York's Super Drumming Vol 1 - DVD [released Dec 17, 2002] sd_dvd_vol1vsm.jpg


 Zeitfestival Freiburg in Germany [1991]

 Pete York's Superdrumming 2 [1988]

 ER [1999]
er logoThis project of Eddie's was announced in May of 1999:
ER was to be Eddie, Ray Fenwick and Zak Starkey. After some initial dates planned for Amsterdam, they were to head to the US for October 1999, scheduling around Zak commitments to The Who. Rehearsals were apparently underway in France, but the gigs did not materialize. Hopefully this project will be resurrected in the near future. (back to Zak's Bands,Gigs,Sessions )

Eddie's Autobiography - ALAB

Eddie Hardin
ALAB: 36 Years of Musical Mayhem
Published by Revilo, June 28 2004
ISBN: 1897609671
Paperback: 230 pgs

Not your typical autobiography of a musician. Eddie instead leads readers into the sheer madness of the life of the pop-rock-famous of the 60's, 70's and 80's! As the press release says: "... Eddie Hardin was just seventeen when he passed the audition to replace Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group. His life, from that moment on, could never again be "normal", but even by rock and roll standards, Eddie has seen and done it all." ALAB lets you in on it all.

Zak fans will find Eddie's recollections of his days with the "teenaged wild child" Zak very amusing!

You can get your AUTOGRAPHED copy directly through Eddie's Official Site.
The book is also available through

A Book Launch party to take place at The Punch Bowl, located at 41 Farm Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5RP, (originally scheduled for September 14th 2004), has now been postponed until later in the year. - check Eddie's site for details.

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