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Zak Starkey on Eddie Hardin's
Wizard's Convention 3

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A brief explanation of The Wizard's Conventions: In the mid 1970's, Eddie Hardin was one of the participants in a group project of Roger Glover's called The Butterfly Ball - A collection of songs based on a children's book of the same name. Shortly after, in Spring of 1976, Eddie assembled much of the same cast of characters to record a collection of his own songs. The first Wizard's Convention contained contributions from Roger Glover, Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Tony Ashton, Mo Foster, Pete York, Ray Fenwick and others. Wizard's Convention 3 continues Eddie's exploration of having singers of all types have a go at his songs. It appears the majority of the ten tracks on this volume were recorded in the mid 1980's. Although WC3 was released only in Japan, the 10 main tracks did resurface a number of years later on Eddie's Wizard Convention: The Masters release.

This release features two tracks where Zak plays both GUITAR and DRUMS: "Perfect Survivors" and "Why Can't We Go Home", while only drums on "Slippery Slopes" and "Without Your Love".
Note: other sources also credit him as a player on "Can Dreams Come True" and "Not Guilty". See Lynn Sheppard's Ocean City

The main tracks were all recorded in the mid 1980's.

Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 3

TDK Records International
#TDCN - 5615 (JAPAN - Jan 31, 1997)

  1. I'm Looking Forward To Tomorrow
    Vocals: Maggie Bell
  2. Maggie's Theme
    Vocals: Maggie Bell
  3. Not Guilty
    Vocals: Iris Williams
    Backing Vocals: Denny Laine, Eddie Hardin & Lynn Sheppard
  4. Slippery Slopes
    Vocals: Eddie Hardin
    Backing Vocals: Denny Laine
    Drums: Zak Starkey
  5. Without Your Love
    Vocals: Eddie Hardin
    Backing Vocals: Denny Laine
    Drums: Zak Starkey
  6. Perfect Survivors
    Vocals: Lynn Sheppard
    Drums/Guitar: Zak Starkey
  7. Can Dreams Come True
    Vocals: Lynn Sheppard
    Piano: Eddie Hardin
  8. Why Can't We Go Home
    Vocals: Lynn Sheppard
    Drums/Guitar: Zak Starkey
  9. You're No Good
    Vocals: Liz Hardin
  10. When The Going Gets Tough
    Vocals: Eddie Hardin
CD cover
Bonus Tracks from 1976 Wizard's Convention:
  • 11- The Craig Song
  • 12- Loose Ends
  • 13- Money To Burn
  • 14- Until Tomorrow
    Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
  • 15- Light Of My Life
  • 16- She's a Woman
  • 17- Time For Another
  • 18- The Put Down Song
  • 19- Goodnight Children
  • 20- Summer Days
  • 21- Seems I'm Always Gonna Love You
The bonus tracks are the ones that did not make it onto the "Butterfly Ball / Wizards Convention" combo CD release.

The first 10 tracks can now be found on the 1999 Eagle Records release:
Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention: The Masters

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