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Zak Starkey's Work in:
Lend Us A Quid

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The name of a so called "pickup band" that Zak was apparently involved in between 1989 and 1992. Another band, Spin Out, is also mentioned during this time period.

Lend Us a Quid

In addition to working as a driver for various equipment rental companies, John `Oz' Osmond was also an aspiring rock n' roll lead singer! In 1984, he formed Lend us a Quid which as of July of 2001 was still a gigging band. The members have been many, and have included Zak Starkey on drums and tennis star Pat Cash on lead guitar. John is currently [2001]with FX Rentals in the UK.

The band also seems to have originally included the usual Bracknell suspects like Andy Barnett (guitar) and Dave "Bucket" Colwell and probably other ASAP members when the mood struck!

References in write ups for a string of tribute CD's for UFO, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden all list among the contributors, a guitarist named Ray Callcut. In about 50% off these reviews, they list "(Lend Us a Quid") as the band he hails from.

As always, ANY AND ALL additional information is welcomed!

'Lend us a quid till the end of the week
If you could see your way to lending me sixpence.
I could at least buy a newspaper.
That's not much to ask anyone.'
- the poet Ewan McTeagle (Monty Python episode 16)

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