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Zak Starkey on Lynn Sheppard's:
Ocean City

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Lynn Sheppard, bass player and vocalist, apparently ran in the same circles as Eddie Hardin and other fellow musicians in the Sunningdale, Ascot, Bracknell areas. He was in a band called Kaz in the early 80's, did a lot of session work as well as engineering throughout the 80's, and is currently in the band Beats Working.

Ocean City CD coverOcean City was to have served as Lynn's musical portfolio, offering a fine sample of his strong vocal talents. His voice will be familiar to Eddie Hardin fans who own the Wizard's Convention 3 CD.

Ocean City was originally compiled around 1997, and tentatively scheduled for release in late 1999, but to date (Nov 2004) has not been issued. The 1997 track listing had 2 additional cuts with Zak credited on drums. They do not appear in the 1999 configuration of the CD.

The proposed 1999 track listing was:
  1. Perfect Survivors - Eddie Hardin
  2. Why Can't We Go Home - Eddie Hardin
  3. Ocean City - Rick Wakeman
  4. One Goodbye - Eddie Hardin
  5. Who Moved The World - Denny Laine
  6. Doesn't The Song - Denny Laine
  7. Just Be Out - Nigel Stock/Kaz
  8. On Through The Day - Nigel Stock/Kaz
  9. Lady - Nigel Stock/Kaz
  10. Can Dreams Come True - Eddie Hardin
  11. Not Guilty - Eddie Hardin
  12. Leavin' - John Hardman/Lynn Sheppard
  13. Young Hearts - John Hardman
  14. Something About You - D. Etherton
    Bonus Tracks
  15. Cut To The Chase - John Hardman/Lynn Sheppard
  16. -- To be decided
  17. -- To be decided

The CD credits list Zak as drummer on tracks 1, 2, 4, 10, 11.

Tracks 1 & 2:
These are from Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 3 CD. On that disc, Zak is credited as the drummer and GUITARIST for both tracks.
Tracks 4 & 10:
These tracks credit Zak on drums, yet they both seem to feature only keyboards & vocal. They too were written by Eddie Hardin and probably recorded in the same time frame as tracks 1, 2, & 11.
Track 11:
This song appeared on Wizard's Convention 3, only with vocals performed by Iris Williams. This version is with Lynn on lead vocal. Zak is credited as drummer.


Lynn also has a few CD releases with the band BEATS WORKING.

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[Lynn supplies backing vocals on the Mike d'Abo Indestructible LP and Zak is on drums]

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