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Pengu!ns live EP on iTunes

Pengu!ns in Dec with Kasabian

Pengu!ns free download on Facebook

The Who, Debbie Harry, Jeff Beck + perform at Killing Cancer Jan 2011


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zildjian now offers the Zak Starkey inspired 21" & 22" Brilliant K Crash Ride cymbals

Zak Starkey Artist Series Drums Sticks


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Some long overdue updates to the Mono Pacific legend
*By popular demand -
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Although the press would seem to have you believe his middle name is "[comma] son of Ringo [comma]" and that he was plucked out the blue from an old "friends of Moonie" address book for the Who gigs, Zak Starkey actually has a long and varied list of credits to his name. Chasing down his appearances has led me to discover (as well as re-discover) some terrific music.

The information presented here is by no means definitive, or even guaranteed to be accurate! It is just an assemblage of bits & pieces of what I've stumbled across in my collecting, and I am ALWAYS looking to fill in the blanks. So, if YOU have additions, corrections, encounters, pictures, articles, official bio's, etc, EMAIL ME! Also, please be sure to check out my WANTED section.

Zak is cover/interview of June 2009 Rhythm Magazine

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