Animal Soup

cd coverAnimal Soup
STIR Music STIR10103

March 1999

  1. Somewhere Out There
  2. Our Time
  3. For The Money
  4. Highness
  5. I'm Alright
  6. Blind As A Bat
  7. Pie In The Sky
  8. No Angel
  9. Goodbye Everything
  10. Until Tomorrow
  11. I'm The Answer (Get the MP3 at Simon's Site!)

Produced and recorded by Simon Townshend at Woodgrange, London (Except tracks 3,6 and 11 - recorded and produced by Andy Kravitz at The Amazing Barn, Philly)
Mixed by Simon and Paul Townshend

This is the latest release of material from Simon Townshend! It is a brilliant collection of songs that demonstrate his passionate and powerful abilities as both performer and songsmith. Fans of Simon's will recognize a few tunes from some of his live shows (Highness, I'm Alright, No Angel) as well as a blast from the past (I'm The Answer).


I was very pleased and surprised to hear a bit of the story behind "Blind As A Bat". Seems that Simon wrote that when he was 6 (six) years old. It surfaced when Simon was in the studio in Philly, and producer Andy Kravitz asked him to sing something he hated!

And that hidden track... Well that is an actual 1995 Animal Soup version of ... well, maybe you should find out for yourself... Ok, here's your hint: A Simon Townshend Band version of this song first appeared on the Among Us CD issued by STIR, but was later left off the Among Us cd issued by Rising Records. This 1995 recording features the original Animal Soup band lineup, which included Zak Starkey on drums.

You owe it to yourself to check out Simon's work, and DO NOT MISS him if he plays in your area! He is amazing live, either acoustically or with a full band!

created: Monday, March 29, 1999
Last update: Tuesday, July 25, 2000

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