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Zak Starkey's RUMORED work with:

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According to a few Samantha Fox resources, including one of those quicky-published, mostly pictures biography paperback books from the 80's, these first few Sam Fox recordings featured her 'high school band' that was to have included "Ringo's son". The info has always been here with a disclaimer about the info needing to be confirmed.

Well ... According to Zak (Jan '03), he DOES NOT appear on these SFX tracks. He says that he "may" have played on a few demos for the producer, that Sam may or may not have recorded later, but he is not on the SFX releases.  [Hey Zak - the quote from Modern Drummer July 1987 says "Zak worked with Samantha Fox (British centerfold celebrity having a go at pop stardom)"] ... Mike Hurst - you out there? Any info you can add?

S.F.X. on Lamborghini

Prior to Samantha Fox's 1986 commercial success with Touch Me, she released two singles in England on the Lamborghini label, with what has been described as "her high-school band" - S.F.X.
which Zak says he DOES NOT appear on contrary to info on various Sam Fox online FAQ's.

45 PS

Lamborghini (7" 45) - LMG4 (1983)
Rockin' With My Radio / My Old Man
A-side written by Landau, Pauchard, Blanc; produced by H/F
B-side written by Ray Fenwick
produced by H/F (aka Hurst/Fenwick)
This is a very rare 7" 45 & PS.
Also release in 12" form, catalog # 12LMG4 (no PS)

[one FAQ says: "Rockin' With My Radio (Lamborghini 1983) 7",12" b/w My Old Man. Very rare; 7" features a picture of Sam and the guys (including Ringo Starr's son) on the cover." - OH really?!?]
Lamborghini (7" 45)- LMG10 (1984)
Aim To Win / 17 And Holding
This 7" was not released with a PS, but did come in a Lamborghini sleeve.
45 rpm and sleeve

Samantha Fox on Genie

Once she hit it big in 1986, Genie records bought the rights to the songs from Lamborghini and re-released them.

gen3 45

Genie (UK 7") - GEN3
Aim To Win / Holding
Aside written by Bruce Woolley / Darlow/ Bazaar; Produced by Ray Fenwick / Mike Hurst
B-side written by Fenwick / Hurst; Produced by Ray Fenwick
Genie (UK 12") - 12GEN3
Aim To Win (Extended Mix) / Holding and Aim To Win
This featured the same PS as above.
Other Genie versions of Aim to Win
3 track Picture disc (GENSF1)
2nd issue of 3 track picture disc (GENP3)
Addition releases are said to include a 5 track 12" EP.
gen8 45 Genie (UK 7" ) - GEN8
Holding / Holding (Dub Mix)
This time the song credits Ray Fenwick / Mike Hurst as producers.
Genie (UK 12" ) - 12GEN8
Holding / Holding (Dub Mix)
This featured the same PS as above.
Other Genie versions of Holding
12" picture disc of the above (GENP8)


Mike Hurst - Producers Archives Vol 1 - Angel Air SJPCD123
hurst_pa1cd_sm.jpg Aim To Win is also available on producer Mike Hurst's compilation CD, released Nov 4, 2002

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