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Zak Starkey with DST at:
The Who Convention 1995

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Convention Program CoverBottom Line, Shepherds Bush, London, September 16, 1995

This comes close to the ultimate fan-convention - A one day event, featuring dealers & retailers of all that is Who and more; a "meet & greet"; and capped off with live music, first from a "cover band", and then by the REAL tribute band!

The "record show" portion allowed fans to fill in their collection, be it records, memorabilia, t-shirts, etc. The second part of the show gave fans the opportunity to mingle and meet each other as well as the likes of Keith and John's mums, Jon Astley, Chris Charlesworth, Andy MacPherson, Irish Jack, as well as many others who have been associated with the band over the years. Video's were played, and the cover band "Deja Who" also performed.

The third part of the event was the performance of Roger Daltrey, complete with his Datrey Sings Townshend touring band, that included John Entwistle, Zak Starkey and Simon Townshend.

The band did a 90 minute version of the DST tour set:

  • You Better You Bet
  • Another Tricky Day
  • I Can See For Miles
  • Boris The Spider
  • The Real Me
  • The Punk And The Godfather
  • I'm One
  • Drowned
  • Doctor Jimmy
  • I've Had Enough
  • Cut My Hair
  • 5:15
  • The Rock
  • Love Reign O'er Me
  • My Wife
  • The Relay
  • Pinball Wizard
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Substitute
  • Naked Eye
  • Who Are You
DST at Who Con
Roger presents Zak to the crowd!

A great big thanks to Susan Stafford for providing the Convention Program for your viewing pleasure!!
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