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Zak Starkey's recordings with:
Johnny Marr's Healers

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Johnny Marr + the Healers


Johnny Marr + the Healers have a new line-up ...

healersx1.gif Details from  Past Healers gigs

The Album


Johnny MArr + Healers Boomslang CD
album details

imusic - ADBM1074 - Boomslang (UK Feb 3 2003)
cd stickerimusic - 80119-01074-2 Boomslang (US Feb 4 2003)
issued in US with review blurb sticker on wrapping

1.The Last Ride
2. Caught Up
3. Down On The Corner
4. Need It
5. You Are The Magic
6. InBetweens
7. Another Day
8. Headland
9. Long Gone
10. Something To Shout About
11. Bangin' On
UK promo versions of the full length CD are simply the stock copy, with the media promotions company's sticker on the jewel case.
Boomslang - japan cd The Japanese release TOSHIBA EMI - VJCP-68465 (released Jan 16th)
also contains: "Here It Comes"


promo cd tray insert

promo cdJohnny Marr + the healers - Boomslang
advanced promotional cd

imusic - IMADV-01074-2

An advanced promotional CD (not a CD-R) of the album began to appear in Nov 2002. It came in a jewel case, with only B&W tray insert artwork, (no front cover). The disc is clearly marked as a promo, and is printed in shades of black on silver.

advanced cdr

Johnny Marr + the healers - Boomslang
advanced promotional cdr

imusic (no catalog # on cover or cdr label)

Advanced promotional CDr copies of the album began to appear in Oct 2002. It featured a printed black and white printed cover insert, and a plain b&w thermal label on the CDr.




Johnny Marr + the Healers - Down On The Corner (Radio Edit)
[UK CDS] imusic - IMUCDS004DPRO
[March 2003]
1. Down On The Corner (Radio Edit) 03:48
2. Down On The Corner (Album Version) 04:25
downoncorner_ukprob.jpgThis 2 track promo with black on silver print, is marked "For Promotional Use. Not For Sale." It came in a clear plastic sleeve that had stickers from the promotions company on it - stating the release date as "7th April 2003" and promoting "Thursday 3rd April @ Shepherds Bush Empire" [sic]
UK cd single
Johnny Marr + the Healers - Bangin' On [US CDS]
imusic - IMPT69963
[released: March 11, 2003 - US]
1. Bangin' On
2. Here It Comes
3. Get Me Wrong
[even though it is assigned a catalog #, when ordered from imusic, it arrives as the UK cd single, sealed, with a sticker over the barcade with the US cat #.]

UK cd single
for UK CDS

Johnny Marr + the Healers - Bangin' On [UK CDS]
imusic - IMUCDS001
[released: Jan 20, 2003 - UK]
banginon_cdsdisc.gif1. Bangin' On
2. Here It Comes
3. Get Me Wrong
Johnny Marr + the Healers - Bangin' On (Radio Edit)
UK promo [CDS]
imusic - IMUCDS001DPRO
1. Bangin' On (Radio Edit) 04:06
Special white disc w/orange print. Marked "Promotional Copy - Not For Sale". Insert is same graphics as stock, but wording reflects the promo, and also marked "Radio Promo" on the front and "Promotional Copy - Not For Sale" on the inner and spine.
banginon_cdspromo1stic.gif banginon_cdspromo2.gifSome copies had stickers on the jewel case from the promotions company [Force 5 PR, or HART Media]
Johnny Marr + the Healers UK sampler
bs_sampler_b.gif  bs_sampler_disc.jpg
Johnny Marr + the Healers - Boomslang Sampler
[UK] promo cd
imusic - 80119-01114-2
1. Bangin' On 5:06
2. Down On The Corner 4:25
3. The Last Ride 4:30
4. Caught Up 4:25
5. You Are The Magic 7:10
Johnny Marr + the Healers 3 track promo
Johnny Marr + the Healers - 3 track sampler
[US] promo cd
imusic - IMUDJ-01127-2
1. Down On The Corner 4:25
2. Bangin' On (Radio Edit) 4:06
3. Caught Up 4:25
Issued in a jewl case with only rear inlay tray artwork. Had brief "bio", tour dates, and radio contacts. Disc and inserts marked "For Promotional Use Only".


bangin on CDR promo
Johnny Marr + the Healers - Bangin' On (Radio Edit) 4:06 -
CDR PROMO - imusic (no #)
This is a CDR promo, with screened label. No catalog number. "(c) 2002 Johnny Marr" is under the song title. Disc is marked "For Promotional Use Only"


In June of 2001 the single was promised for a September 10, 2001 release, but was delayed a few times, and finally released Oct 1, 2001.

CD Single
Healers - The Last Ride - CDS
Pacific/New Voodoo - PCFC01CDS
UK stock copy issued Oct 1, 2001 in slimline case.
  1. The Last Ride
  2. Need It
  3. Long Gone


Healers - The Last Ride - 7" Vinyl
Pacific/New Voodoo -
UK stock copy issued Oct 1, 2001 with PS
(same PS as CDS)
  1. The Last Ride
  2. Need It

lastridepromocda.jpgcd promo single
Healers - The Last Ride-promo
Pacific/New Voodoo - PCFC01CDP
1 track promo issued Sept 2001 in a cardboard picture sleeve.
Some copies also came with stickers added to the back cover by the PR firm. (This one lists another incorrect release date!)


5 track promo cd
Johnny Marr's Healers
Promo 5 track sampler - no label, no #
Ignition Management - CDR
This contains studio versions of:
  1. Last Ride (edit)
  2. Caught Up (edit)
  3. Down On The Corner (edit)
  4. Banging On (edit)
  5. Get Me Wrong

This was issued in a cardboard picture sleeve, the back of which had a plain sticker listing the song titles.
This was circulated by Johnny's management in the summer of 2000.

promo cd singleinfo sheet
Johnny Marr's Healers - Last Ride (Edit) - PROMO
New Voodoo Ltd - HEALSCD001P
This promo single was distributed by Johnny's management in a few configurations:
  • in a plain plastic sleeve, no artwork
  • in a plain plastic sleeve along with an info sheet
  • in a cardboard picture sleeve (same as the 5 track promo)
This track was also featured on two compilation CD's: Uncut Magazine, and Benicassim 2000

Misc Compilations

Bert Jansch
Tribute CD

It was announced in April 2000 that Johnny played on three tracks of the new Bert Jansch album and has recorded a song with Healers for a Jansch tribute album to be released in summer."

Release in September 2000(UK), the tribute album is called:
People On The Highway - A Bert Jansch Encomium
Market Square MSMCD106
It will be a double CD, with 24 tracks, and a fully-illustrated 16 page booklet with notes by the artists and Jansch Biographer Colin Harper.
Johnny Marr's Healers have contributed their version of Jansch's 'A Woman Like You'
Other artists include: Donovan, Roy Harper, Al Stewart, Bernard Butler, Rab Noakes, Chris Smither, Ralph McTell, Rod Clements, Steve Ashley, Kelly Joe Phelps, Steve Benbow, Duffy Power, John Challis, Maggie Boyle, Colin Reid and Martin Hayes, Brooks Williams, Steve Tilston, Wizz & Simeon Jones, Bird Dog, Martin Jenkins, Eleanor McEvoy, Polly Bolton, James Devlin & Helen McGurk, Johnny 'Guitar' Hodge, Adam Jansch.
Full track listing and further info available from Market Square Records
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Uncut Magazine - CD
Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000: Uncut's Guide To The Month's Best Music
UK Magazine UNCUT comes with a free CD. The Month of August 2000 featured The Healers Last Ride on track 6! CD description in the mag also featured a very small photo of the band.


Benicassim 2000

On Aug 5th 2000, the Healers performed at the Benicassim 2000 festival in Spain. Every year the festival releases a compilation CD of tracks by the artists appearing. This 4 CD set contains Last Ride (edit)


CMJ Jan/Feb 2003
cd cover

CMJ - New Music Monthly - Vol 109 Jan / Feb 2003 (dics 2)
CMJ's magazine features a CD sampler with each issue. This issue featured two discs! On Disc 2, track one is "Down On The Corner"


Monitor This!
cd cover

Monitor This! April/May 2003
This is a compilation released 6 times a year by and only available for free from a small group of independent record stores. This edition features "Down On The Corner"


Fox Theatre 2003
cd cover

FOX THEATRE 2003 - Springtime Special Edition
This is a compilation was given out to patrons at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado. It includes "Down On The Corner".


Filter Magazine
cd cover

Filter Magazine Presents - FROM ACROSS THE SEA Volume 5
This is a compilation from Filter Magazine that was given out at various gigs and venues throught the US. It contains "Bangin' On" billed as "Johnny Marr and The Healers"


Uncut May 2003
cd cover

HARD DRIVE - Uncut's Pick of the Hottest New Music
This various artists collection contains "Need It" billed as "Johnny Marr & the Healers". The CD was included in the May 2003 issue of UNCUT.

Fashion Week #3
cd cover
Dec 09 2003

The Music From The Fashionweek - New York London Milan Paris - Issue #3 - Promo - george v records
This various artists collection contains "Bangin' On" billed as "Johnny Marr & the Healers". The CD a promo given out during Fashionweek and features songs used by various designers in their runway shows during the Fall /Winter 2003-04. The Healer's track is listed as "from the Michael Kors show"

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