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Zak Starkey's work with:
Penguins (Pengu!ns)

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penguins another shotIt seems the personal relationship that started circa late 2004, soon had an artistic/professional element when Zak and girlfriend Sshh (Sharna Liguz) started posting musical bits as Penguins (and then PENGU!NS) in 2006 on My Space. A few more tracks were posted between 2006 and 2009, with their first live gigs happening in 2008. By 2010, the My Space craze had moved on to Facebook, and a Pengu!ns presence there finally appeared in May of 2011. A video was also posted on YouTube, linkes on both the My Space and Facebook pages.

While the core of Penguins is Zak and Sharna (Sshh), the live band in 2008 included Tasha Starkey on bass and Shane (Dodger) Devany on guitar. In 2011, they appeared simply as a duo, both at a warm-up gig and when they opened two Beadyeye (Liam, Gem, Andy, Chris - or Oasis minus Noel) gigs in Scotland in April of 2011. Penguins are set to open two gigs for Kasabian in June, and word had been that they were putting together a full band.



2008 - assorted Club gigs

more 2008 live details

2011 - club and opening act gigs

more 2011 live details



2006: Posted to My Space:

2006 details


2007: Posted on My Space:

2007 details


2008: Posted on My Space:

2008 details

2009: Posted on My Space:

2009 details

2011: Posted on YouTube:

2011: Posted on Facebook:

2011 details



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