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When Oasis's drummer Alan White departed in January of 2004, the rumors of Zak Starkey filling the seat began to surface. They would later prove to be true, as far as Zak working with the band on both recordings for there sixth album and playing live in 2004. He went on to tour with the band in 2005 and 2006 for the Don't Believe The Truth tour, and was there for the recording of the bands 7th album "Dig Out Your Soul" due Oct 6th 2008 (1st single due Sept 29th). However, it appears that Zak will NOT be a part of any tour or live appearances with the band any time soon...

Oasis 2004

The details of how it began

-- Full reports from rumors to reality.

Recording the Sixth Oasis Album

"We've known Zak for a while and we asked him if he'd play on a few songs and he said yeah, and he has done and it's been absolutely fantastic." - Noel
-- recording details,rumors and tidbits

Zak Live with Oasis in 2004

Poole - June 23rd - Zak's debut
Glastonbury - June 25, 26, 27 - details of Glasto

Zak donates Oasis signed drumskin for Charity

Zak collected the signatures of the band on a drumhead at Glastonbury that was auctioned for charity

Oasis 2005

The release of the 6th Oasis Album

Expected release date was May 16, 2005 - rumored title "Don't Believe the Truth"
Album title officially confirmed Mar 7, 2005, with May 30th release date.
-- more details

The first single "Lyla" will was released May 16th (officially announced Mar 7, 2005)

The Oasis 2005 World Tour

Oasis have a quite a few dates scheduled for May through December thoughout the UK, US Far East and Europe, with Zak drumming for all of them.
-- see dates and venues

Oasis 2006

World Tour Continues

The Oasis DBTT World Tour continues on into 2006 (expected to run through March 2006)
-- see dates and venues

Greatest Hits Album

Stop The Clocks will be released Nov 20, 2006 and will end the band's contract with Sony
-- see release details

Tour Documentary

Lord Don't Slow Me Down will be screened in theatres in NOvemeber and a DVD releases is expected to follow soon after.

-- more info

Oasis 2007

2007 BRIT Awards

The band was be presented the Outstanding Contribution To Music award on Feb 14th, and they preformed a short live set to close the show.

-- more info

Another Album in the works:

Oasis head back into the studio to begin recording their 7th studio album - August and again in November

-- more info

2005 World Tour Documentary DVD:

Lord Don't Slow Me Down DVD release as well as their first "digital only single" that was also included on the NME Essential Bands 2007 sampler

-- more info

Oasis 2008

More on the new album:

More work on the new album taking place in LA during Feb. The album, titled "Dig Out Your Soul" is due out Oct 6th.

-- more info

Limited # of live gigs:

March brough the announcement that Oasis and Foo Fighters are to headline the Virgin Festival in Toronto - and Oasis will be playing a few warm-up gigs in Canada and the US just prior. But Zak will not to be on the drummer's throne for any of them ...

-- more info

Zak and the Gallaghers part ways ...

Although there were some grumblings months before the rumor hit the tabloids in May '08, there has yet to be an official announcement from either camp (june 08). The deafening silence is doing a great job at confirming the reports. updateFinally - some official word - via Noel's interview in Mojo (#177, Aug 2008).

-- more info

Oasis 2009 update

Ah, the brothers may have finally split for good ????

The V Festival appearance (Aug 23 - Chelmsford) was canceled, with reasons being given as Liam falling ill and Noel blogging that he too felt sick. Liam twittered an apology the next day and dismissed (Aug 24, some tabloid speculation that the band were set to break-up.

Just before showtime Aug 28th in Paris, the band canceled the show "due to an altercation". Singer AMy MacDonald via twittered that the band canceled "with one minute to stage time!!! Liam smashed Noel's guitar, huuuge fight!"

Later that evening Noel announced via a statement on that he had quit the band.

"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. ... People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer." (Nov 18) reports on an MTV Italy video interview where Liam says he's been demo-ing some songs with ex-band members "Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Zak Starkey". But in the video he never mentions Zak. He says "we've been" a number of times and then in a quick edit, after he was apparently asked who "we" consisted of, he says "everyone except for Noel". Now, either NME knows something NOT on the video clip, or they have forgotten that Chris Sharrock was the last drummer to warm the seat in that band ...

And yes, as more info began to filter out about demo and recording sessions, it was obvious that CHRIS was the Beady Eye drummer, just as suspected.

2011 After the break up ...

beady eyeDuring 2009, 2010 and 2011 - Zak continued to pal around seemingly everywhere with each of the brothers as well as the ex-Oasis band members.

On Feb 15th, it was announced that Zak's band PENGUINS would be opening for Liam & co's BEADY EYE for two gigs in April!

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