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Zak Starkey's Work with:
Oasis 2006

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Some Background:

For the genesis of Zak's involvement with the band Oasis, see the Zak with Oasis 2004 page.

Basically, the 6th Oasis album "Don't Believe The Truth" was finished by the very end of 2004, with Zak on drums, and the band set out on a very extensive world tour that ran from May of 2005 and continued through the end of March 2006!

Just how permenant is an Oasis Drummer ??

In an interview published MArch 24th 2006 in the Toronto Sun (conducted while the band was in Toronto), Noel commented that while Zak was going to be back on the road with The Who later in the year that " He's definitely, definitely, definitely going to record on the next (Oasis) record and definitely going to be out on the road, if he wants to" and that "We always said that we'd sit down and talk about that at the end of the tour," Gallagher said. "There's no point in getting in business discussions while you're soundchecking. It just doesn't work."
Of course, this morphed into all kinds of music web news headlines that "Noal wants Zak as full-time member of Oasis" (not to mention the floss of emails asking for confirmation!) The last word so far came in an interview on Mexican Radio March 31st where Noel says that he want's Zak to join, but he won't put him on the spot and make him choose between Oasis and The Who.

Seems as not to be outdone, Pete Townshend makes a similar offer to Zak in December of 2006!

NME AWARDS 2006 Nominations

Oasis and Don't Believe The Truth are nominated (jan 23 2006) for a few NME Awards that include:
Best British Band: Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis (Winner - Arctic Monkeys)
Best Live Band: Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day, Kaiser Cheifs, Oasis (Winner - Franz Ferdinand)
Best Album: Babyshambles - 'Down In Albion', Bloc Party - 'Silent Alarm', Franz Ferdinand - 'You Could Have It So Much Better', Kaiser Chiefs - 'Employment', Oasis - 'Don't Believe The Truth' (Winner - Kaiser Chiefs)
Best Track: 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' - Arctic Monkeys, 'Fuck Forever' - Babyshambles, 'Do You Want To' - Franz Ferdinand, 'I Predict A Riot' - Kaiser Chiefs, 'The Importance Of Being Idle' - Oasis (Winner - Arctic Monkeys)
Best Video: 'Do You Want To' - Franz Ferdinand, 'Dare' - Gorillaz, 'I Predict A Riot' - Kaiser Chiefs, 'The Importance Of Being Idle' - Oasis, 'Juicebox' - The Strokes
Oasisinet nominated for Best Website, Liam for Best Dressed,

Releases 2006:

Back in October of 2005, Noel planted the idea that during the January break, the band might go into the studio and record a stand alone single for possible release in March of 2006. Noel specifically mentioned "The Boy With The Blues" - a song written by Liam. In an interview with Musiklandet in Feburary 2006, Noel is asked about the recording plans, and he says "Yeah, it was the ambition but it didn't end up that way." So not only have no new sessions taken place, there are no immediate plans for any Oasis activity after the tour ends. "Like I said earlier, there's probably not gonna be any recording done during 2006" says Noel, and adds "Honestly, and this is not what you want to hear, I don't have any long reaching plans for Oasis right now. Later this evening I'm going to eat because i'm starving right now and then I'm looking forward to the gig tonight and then we have a day off on Friday, those are my plans for Oasis right now."

Nothing says "leaving a label" like a greatest hits package!

Sony's contract with Oasis ends this year, (Oasis has no intention of re-signing according to what's been in the media the last year and a half), and despite Noel's previous ""This is from the horse's mouth. We will only do a Best Of when we split up" claim, he hinted back in Dec of '05 that Sony seemed determined to release one anyway. (He was quoted in early 2005 saying that he wanted DBTT to be a double album to f-over the record company). By Sept 2006, Noel was back relenting and saying that he had no choice but to get involved or else it would turn out shit. So is born Stop The Clocks. A song of the same title was supposedly recorded during the DBTT sessions and according to Noel, even spent a few moments as the actual original title to that album. This compilation is a bit of a compromise between Greatest Hits (label's want) and B-Sides release (Noel's vision), and the title seems to represent the break in activity that the band has lapsed into this year.

Release details

Tour Documentary ...

[Feb 06] Lord Don't Slow Me Down is the apparent title of a documentary to celebrate the 2005/2006 World tour. Compiled by Baille Walsh, the band has been filmed ala fly-on-the-wall -- reality-tv throughout most of the tour. A sampler edit was available on the Let There Be Love DVDCDS released n 2005. Maybe they are planning for a "just in time" for Xmas release?

[Oct 07] Cha-ching! A greatest hits package and Tour DVD just in time for your Xmas shopping lists. The Documentary "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" will have it's World Premeire in NYC at the CMJ Music and Film Festival, Saturday Nov 4 (2pm at The Directors Guild Theatre, where Noel will also be there to discuss the film). It is expected to be shown in a number of theatres world wide in November, to fans-only invited audiences, but DVD release details and date are still unclear.updated

[Aug 13, 2007] More perfect Xmas timing: It was announced today that Lord Don't Slow Me Down would be released as a 2DVD set on Oct 29, 2007
more details

Live 2006:

2005/2006 Don't Believe The Truth World Tour continues

Leg 10 - Euro dates - part 6
Jan 25-Feb 14 - Norway, Sweden, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, & UK
Full details
Leg 11 - South East Asia dates
Feb 18 - Feb25 - Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong
Full details
Leg 12 - South American dates
Mar 10 - Mar 12 - Argentina, Chili
Full details
Leg 13 - US & Canada (part 3) & Mexico
Mar 20 - Mar 31 - Toronto, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Houston, Mexico City
Full details

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