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Zak Starkey's recordings with:
Simon Townshend

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Animal Soup: Demos unreleased

Simon Townshend, Zak Starkey, Peter Gordeno and Phil Spalding joined forces after touring with Roger Daltrey in 1994, and became Animal Soup. They managed to record a number of demos for a possible LP, as well as play a few live gigs. Fans of the Simon Townshend Band's Among Us CD will recognize a few of the titles. However, the ANIMAL SOUP versions tend to be slightly harder and heavier than the later "stb" ones. On many of these demos, Zak is not only on drums but also plays guitar - even lead!
Demo details

Simon Townshend Band: Among Us CD cd cover amazon_m.gif

After the band Animal Soup seemed to stall, Simon recruited son Ben on drums, Tony Lowe on bass and guitar, and Lindsey King on keyboards, guitar and bass, and set to work recording some new material as well as re-recording some of the 'Soup tunes. The results were released as Among Us, under the "STB" name, on his own private label STIR. The CD was later remixed and released in the US on Rising Records. The album features Zak's lead guitar tracks from the 'Soup demos on two songs.
Among Us details

Simon Townshend Band: Animal Soup CD cd cover amazon_m.gif

The Simon Townshend Band has seen many great players come and go, and in 1998 included original Soup member Phil Spalding! They chose to re-christen the band ANIMAL SOUP and made a number of appearances in the UK in 1998, and headed into the studio to work on a new CD. The results were released in March of 1999, back under the Simon Townshend Band moniker, and they instead titled the CD - Animal Soup.

So, how is Zak involved? Well the CD contains a "secret track" at the end of the disc. That track is one of the original 1995 Animal Soup band demos! The killer "Girls on Girls"!

Simon Townshend : simontownshendis CD cd cover amazon_m.gif

This is a great compilation CD released during the summer of 2002. It features some unreleased live and acoustic tracks, as well as selections from all of Simon's Stir Music releases. Zak's guitar playing can be heard on When She Sleeps and Ecstasy Heaven.
It is available directly from
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Other Releases that both Simon and Zak appear on:

Who's Serious: Symphonic Music of the Who - The London Philharmonic Orchestra CD(1998)
The British Rock Symphony - Various Artists CD (1999)
The British Rock Symphony - The PBS Let Music Live VHS release
The British Rock Symphony - DVD
The Who Encore Series 2002 - Official Tour Soundboard releases!
The Who Then & Now: 1964-2004 - Two New 2004 Who Tracks!
The Who Encore Series 2004 - Official Tour Soundboard releases

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