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Zak Starkey live with:
Simon Townshend

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Animal Soup

photo courtesy of Bob KowalskiSimon Townshend and Zak Starkey teamed up with some other great musicians from their Roger Daltrey DST Tour days, and became Animal Soup. They managed to record a number of demos for a possible LP, as well as play a few live gigs.

The live lineup was:
Simon Townshend - Guitar, lead vocals
Zak Starkey - Drums
Phil Spalding - Bass
Peter Gordeno - Keyboards
also featuring:
Hannah Clive (vocals)

First Known Gigs (so far...)

  1. ? Mar ? 1995 - ?, Farnham, UK
    A write-up refers to the band's first gig (with member Hannah Clive) having taken place somewhere in Farnham, a few weeks prior to the Pegasus show. It also states the band was joined by John Entwistle for a few numbers.
  2. Sun. Mar 26th 1995 - The Pegasus- Marlow Bottom, UK
    Write ups refer to this show as the second public appearance by the band.
  3. Thu. Apr 6th 1995 - The Orange, Kensington, UK
  4. ????????????

photo courtesy of Bob KowalskiApparently the live sets included:
Cold Water
Head Hips And Heart
The Way It Is (described as "a great groove funk" (!) )
Red Sand (written and sung by Hannah Clive)
Sex Change
Girls On Girls
Girl From New York (solo perf. by Simon)
An undated write-up also says that they performed one song (not named) that was written for Roger Daltrey's "new album".

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