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Zak Starkey live with:
Johnny Marr's Healers

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Johnny Marr + the Healers


Johnny Marr + the Healers have a new line-up ...


The band was supposed to be in the studio end September 2003, then early 2004 to work on CD #2, but that just never seemd to happen. Johnny's said in various interview snippets that he's been writing. Johnny's, Zak's and Alonza's outside schedules seem to be competing for their time. In December of 2004, Johnny's website had a small blurp about looking forward to releasing new stuff in 2005, and promised a revamped website.

Now 2005 looks like the year of THE NEW HEALERS (a new line-up) - which features Johnny Marr with James Doviak on second guitar, Iwan Gronow on bass guitar and David Tolan on drums. - Check out for details. Good luck guys!

Details for Past Healers Gigs!

Please send in reviews, photos, ticket scans, for any Healers show you've been lucky enough to attend!

2004 - no activity

2003 - Gigs

smash01.jpg US Spring 2003 details


kilborn_4.jpg European and UK Gigs 2003 details


smash01.jpgAustralian and Japanese Gigs 2003 details


012703dw0279_sm.jpgUS Winter 2003 details
The PHOTO GALLERY is up and running!
Check out photos taken by me - Kathy VanTassell, and my partner in crime Deb Wakeford!
A big THANK YOU to Deb for loaning me one of her digital cameras for this tour - ta!

kilborn_4.jpg2003 TV, Radio and Personal Appearances details


2000 Shows - dates, set lists, photos

scala2hdr.jpgThe DETAILS


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