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Zak Starkey's recordings with:
The Next, Dead Meat,

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So far, no official releases exist for any of these bands. However, a large number of demos were recorded by them over the years.

The Next -> Dead Meat: 1978 - 1980

Zak's first band, formed with the two Seaton brothers who lived next door. In 1980 they changed the name from The Next to Dead Meat.
band details

The Next - Geoff Seaton, Graham Seaton, Kerry Benford, [Roger Lewis 1980], Zak Starkey - recorded two demo sessions at Startling Studios: 4 songs in late 1979, and 5 songs in mid 1980. Titles included: Power of the Other Side, You're a Liar! (sung by Graham), Have A Little Something Else, You Love, Power, Ride A White Stallion, and Sci Fi Fact."

The Next (revisited): 1980 - 1981

In 1980, Zak, Kerry and Roger left Dead Meat. For a short time they, with Martin Jowers on keyboards, went back to calling themselves The Next. This lineup served as the backup band at a session for dancer-hoping-to-turn-pop-star, Erin Lordan. Two of the songs recorded, What's a Girl Gotta Do and Please Me, were written by bandmember Roger Lewis. The band also recorded a number of tunes for their own use during this time. Another know song title from around this time is All I Want Is You, written by Martin Jowers.

Monopacific: 1981 - 1983

Zak in studio 1981 ©Steve Brown During 1980, the band, minus a lead singer, recorded about 15 songs. In April of 1981, they found their lead vocalist - Ian Parry. He laid down the vocals on ALL the tracks in one marathon session at Startling Studios. A few more sessions were eventually held at Rock City Studios later in the band's existence.

Near the end of 1983, Mono Pacific was apparently close to signing with a major label [Atlantic?]. Unfortunately the band was unable to work out contractual agreements with its own management, leading to no contract, and ultimately to the demise of the band.

a 3 track demo cassetteKnown Songs!

  • No Bread No Water ***
  • We Ain't Crazy ***
  • Waterloo Bridge ***
  • In A Ruck
  • Saturday Is Sad
  • Rock & Roll Man ***
  • Don't Leave ***
  • Moonshine
  • Are You Ready ***
  • Calling The Shots
  • Breakdown ***
  • Statues ***
  • Let It Go To Your Head ***
  • Runaway ***
  • Gambler ***
  • Movie Maker
  • Something Tells Me
*** = written by Roger Lewis

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