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Zak Starkey's work with:
Pete Townshend

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Pete and Zak have known each other since Zak was a young boy. Zak had spent a lot of quality time with Keith Moon. And according to a 1982 interview with Pete, Zak has the "most accurate emulation of Keith's style … Luckily Zak also has a style of his own but many have been moved when listening to his explosive solo's to say 'My God! It's him'". Zak soon went on to work extensively with John Entwistle in the studio on various projects, and also worked closely with Roger Daltrey a number of times. But it wasn't until AFTER Zak's work with The Who's Quadrophenia, that he became involved in any Pete solo project.

Before someone starts shouting "what about Sun City?", it should be noted that although Pete and Zak both appear on this United Artists Against Apartheid track, their parts were recorded separately.


Tommy Olivier Award Nomination Party - Feb 2, 1997

Tommy had been nominated for eight (8) awards, and to celebrate, Pete through an "invite only" party. An alternate version of the Who's Quad Tour band, including Zak on drums, backed Pete who provided his own musical entertainment for the evening.

full details and set list

A Day In The Garden - Woodstock '98 - Aug 15th
Boston Warm-up - Aug 14th
Maryville Academy Benefit - HOB - Aug 16th

posterApparently the original plan was for Zak to participate in this mini-tour marathon. Zak was specifically mentioned as Pete's drummer in the July press releases for Woodstock '98. But one week before the shows, some reports were saying Pete was doing a just slightly expanded version of his two-man solo shows [just Pete and keyboardist Jon Carin], while others were still quoting the original press release.

As it turned out, Pete did the shows, drummerless [though he had a machine, and Jody Linscott and other band members]

Seems that due to his commitment to The Lightning Seeds, Zak couldn't guarantee his availability for rehearsals or even the gigs. The 'Seeds had just released "Three Lions '98" in June, and it went to #1 thanks to World Cup frenzy, so TV appearances were up. Plus they had three big UK Festival dates just days before AND after the scheduled Pete concerts.

Full details and setlists

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