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Zak Starkey live with:
Penguins 2008

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Penguins surfaced on MySpace around September of 2006 and began to slowly post tracks and photos. But the band saved their live debut for July of 2008.

During these 2008 gigs, the band consisted of:


2008- Live Club Gigs here and there around London

July 31, 2008 - London - St Moritz Club - "Gaz'z Rockin' Blues"159 Wardour St. Soho - doors at 10, Pengu!ns on at midnight.
Announcement spotted on myspace June 22nd.
The setlist reportedly contained the 4 songs that have appeared on their Myspace page as well as one called "The Day I Met My Boyfriend". Penguins on this night consisted of Zak Starkey on drums, Shane "Dodger" Devany (of Black Dove Experiment) on guitar, Tatia Starkey (of Belakiss) on bass and Sharna Liguz vocals and harmonica.
[info and cellphone snaps thanks to attendee Sophia L]
penguins by Sophia Lyde flyer

Aug or Sept - London - 93 Feet East -
- misplaced the date (do you know?)
Sept 26, 2008 - London - This Feeling - Parker Mcmillan
club logo£8 advance £10 on the door
They played 7 songs: Extra Extra, Jet Engines, No Lipchild, Space Invaders, Not Havin It (title?), Swamp Snake, Urban Gorilla.
Sept 27, 2008 - Manchester - This Feeling - MOHO
club logo£8 advance £10 on the door
Oct 15, 2008 - London - Wilmington Arms - 69 Roseberry Ave, Clerkenwell
This was a free show

More Live activity happens in 2011

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