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Zak Starkey on:
Killer Rockdrum Highlights

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Ariola Express 291009 (1992, Germany)

    Tracks & players:
  1. Black Night (Blackmore/Gillian/Glover/Lord/Paice)
  2. After Midnight (J.J.Cale)
  3. Ian's Shuffle (W. Schmid-Grandy)
  4. Dance With The Devil (D.Hayes)
  5. The Pike Strikes Back (E.Hardin / P.York)
  6. R.U.N. (W.Schmid-Grandy)
  7. Threezenuff (W.Schmid-Grandy)
  8. Smoke On The Water (Gillian/Blackmore/Glover/Lord/Paice)
  9. Footloose (K.Loggins/D.Pitchford)
  10. Killer (G.Moore)
  11. Medley:
    Gimme Some Lovin'
    I'm A Man (S.Winwood/J.Miller)
  12. Sarabande - Suite [a) Sarabande b) Bourre c) Gigue] (J.Lord)

Ok, I know his name (as short and simple as it is!) gets misspelled a lot, but this one tops 'em all! At least the credits have it correctly!

First, I must THANK Tapio Keihanen (the world's greatest DIO fan!) for sending this CD to me, all the way from Finland!! ["I'm not worthy!" she says, bowing repeatedly]. PLEASE check out his DIO want list, lets try to help fill in what little holes he has left in his collection! You can also visit his Dio site!

This CD features and shows off some truly "killer" stickmen. It is a 1992 compilation of tracks taken from Pete York's Super Drumming series of 1987/89 releases. Zak was a participant in the 1988 Vol 2 presentation.

A similar CD has been released in Germany, titled SUPER DRUMMING: The Best and again features two tracks with Zak!

Track 11 can be seen on the 2002 DVD release - Pete York's Super Drumming Vol 1" in 5.1 Dolby Digital!

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