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Zak Starkey's work with:
Pete York's

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Pete York, original drummer for Spencer Davis Group, has over the years, organized tours that showcased talented drummers from a wide variety of genres. Each series also resulted in an album release, and there have been several "best of" packages reissued over the years.

sd_dvd_vol1_sm.jpgAlthough first reported in the works back in Jan 2002, the DVD "Pete York's Super Drumming, Vol 1" was released Dec 17, 2002 as a codefree, NTSC DVD with remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital PCM stereo sound, on Inakoustic of Germany. Zak is featured on two tracks.
(see releases).

Superdrumming Vol 1:

These sessions were Analog recorded live at a former church in Staig/Ulm, Feb 8 - Feb 20, 1987 produced by Wolfgang Schmid and Pete York. According to the CD cover, these performances were featured in the ARD-TV series Super Drumming, broadcast August 3,10,17,23 & 24 1989. The CORE BAND, referred to as - The "All Styles" Band - was made up of Brian Auger (keybrds); Wolfgang Schmid (bass); Gerd Wilden Jr.(keybrds); Peter Wölpl (guitar).

The special drummer guests included:

Superdrumming Vol 2:

These sessions were digitally recorded Live in Volklingen / Saarland, August 1988. The performances were shown on German TV June 14/15/22 and July 6/13/20/27 of 1989. There are two CORE BANDS for this volume.
sd_012.jpgThe SD-Band: Wolfgang Schmid (bass); Gerd Wilden Jr.(keybrds); Peter Wölpl (guitar)
The R&B-Band: Colin Hodgkinson (bass); Miller Anderson (guitar); Eddie Hardin (Hammond Organ)
Again Jon Lord is a special guest on keyboards.

Special guest drummers include:

Superdrumming Vol 3:

Volume 3 was DIGITALLY recorded live in Volklingen/Saarland, Germany - August 1989. It was featured on the Superdrumming German TV series Jun 26, July 3,10,17,24,31 1990.

This CORE BAND - The R & B Band - was made up of Colin Hodgkinson (bass, vocals), Brian Auger (Keyboards), Miller Anderson (Guitar, Vocals). Plus a few more guest like Jon Lord.

Special guest drummers include:

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