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Zak Starkey's band ICE:
Animal / Don't Stop
Japanese CD Single

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Teichiku/Zebrazone TEDP 1
"Animal" / "Don't Stop"
Released (May 21 1990)

This was the second Japanese single released by ICE, and it contained the non-album track "Don't Stop"

Amos Pizzey - Lead Vocals
Zak Starkey - Drums & Guitar
Simon Hale - Keyboards
Cass Lewis - Bass Guitar
Jeff Patterson - Backing Vocals

Written, arranged and produced by ICE
Recorded at Woodcray Studio
Mixed at West Side Studio
Recorded and Mixed by Martin Adam

A HUGE thank you to B-ko (Yumiko Shirai) for kindly taking the time to send scans and details!!
( b-ko UK)


lyric sheet cd case

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