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Zak Starkey's Work with:
The Who - 2008

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2008 off to a slow start ...

Not much Who activity (involving Zak that is) for most of the first half of this year. The end of 2007 saw the launch of the official membership site, which is the only place you can access Pete's blogs (after you pay your membership dues). (all areas made FREE as of March 21, 2009)

Sweatin' to the oldies ...

In Pete's Q&A session on, he mentions that there may be a unique 'Who' offering in the near future:
"PETE: ... I know how to produce the old Who sound better than anyone. However, T-Bone Burnett has already been invited to produce a record with The Who (I asked him before the Plant/Krauss album, by the way). We are looking to do something entirely new, Roger, especially, feels he can do things vocally that have never been tried before. " ( Feb 2008)

This was again reported in April's Rolling Stone magazine. It reported that the project was to be a collection of vintage R&B covers in the same vain as those that had made up their early set-lists way back when. T-Bone Burnett was quoted as saying that they have been digging through lots of material, and that he'd be traveling to London in the fall to begin recording. "Pete Townshend may also write new material for the project." was another T-Bone quote.

But then good 'ol Pete posts in his blog on April 27th that there would be no cover album, and no tour.

The 'Onerable 'Oo ...

It was announced March 25th that The Who would be the the subject of the 2008 VH1 Rock Honors. Not just "an honoree" but THE ONLY act honored. The first time VH1 has dedicated the entire event to a single artist.

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TCT At The Royal Albert Hall - DVD released April 14 2008

Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who - CD and Vinyl Best Buy Exclusive

Full release info 2008


There were strong rumors near the end of 2007 (fanned by non other than Pete and Roger in various interviews) that the band might go on to tour South America, Japan, Australia and other distant lands during 2008. But Pete broke the bad news in his first blog on, by blogging "I myself started the rumour that we might go to Japan and Australia next summer. I have been really keen to try to get there. I can now say that probably won't happen, at least not in 2008." (2007-11-13). But hold on ...

3rd Annual VH1 Rock Honors to honor only THE WHO

It was announce March 25th that The Who will be celebrated during a two-hour broadcast to be taped July 12th in Los Angeles at the Pauley Pavilion. It will air on VH1 and VH1 Classic on July 17th. The group is due to perform along with other acts who will pay tribute to the legendary band. And this year the entire Rock Honors is about The Who - only The Who!

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Wait ... Japan is on again!

Pete promised Japan in early, mid 2007, then squashed hopes in November 2007. On June 20th 2008 the band announced that there would be a Japanese Mini-tour in November.

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US WHO dates for November

A mini tour late October to warm up before heading to Japan.

-- more details

UK Christmas Shows

So far three intimate December 'fanclub member' shows have been set in London ...

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2009 Down Under

The Who will play the 2009 Australian Grand Prix as well as a warm-up gig in New Zeland

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