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Zak Starkey's work with:
The Who - 2003

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new-rd.gif19 Dec 2003 - Announcement that The Who will play the 2004 Isle of Wight Festival, June 12!!

By the end of the 2002 US Summer Tour, there were strong rumors that the band would appear at the 2003 Royal Albert Hall Teenage Cancer Trust shows. Conflicting info kept leaking from band members and crew, but by late in 2002 it seemed fairly unlikely that this would take place, especially once they then announced the Live CD release to benefit the trust for 2003.

But no sooner had I written the above, Pete goes and posts on his website about the future of the Who. In his 23 Dec 2002 diary entry he writes:

"The Who is now being courted by charity show organisers, and we are driven towards supporting our own familiar charity events. We are also receiving tempting offers to play festivals, and enjoying the more honest lure of having such a great band to call on whenever we feel like playing."
And then goes on to talk about the possibility of a recording: "... to try to write some good pieces ... for a new album."

So, again it was wait and see. Hopes were dashed for any new Who activities once Pete's legal (and media) battle ensued in January of 2003. The annual TCT events went on in March without a band appearance, but Roger was on hand to lend his support.

Throughout 2003, Roger, while promoting his various solo activities and appearances, has proclaimed that the band would be hitting the studio in the fall, and most recently he specified October.

Will The Who still record?
Very much so. We'll be in the studio in October. It may just be Pete and me from the original line-up, but we were always the driving force behind the band anyway. We've had Zak Starkey [...] playing with us for a while. It may not be the same without John, but it's not worse. It's just different. It would be too easy to focus on the door that's just closed and not on the ones that are opening up. I can tell you now, there's more fire in Townshend's belly than there has been since the early 1970s.
Roger Daltrey to The Metro "60 Second Interview" 09 Jul 2003 -

Finally Pete's camp announced the band's upcoming game plan Sept 20, 2003 on Pete's official site:

"The band has agreed upon a work plan for the coming year and beyond." ...

"His main creative work will be songs for a new Who album. These will be based on his story, now complete, The Boy Who Heard Music. He and Roger plan to demo the new material before the end of the year prior to going into record the album in March 04. This of course will be the band's first studio album since 1982 'It's Hard.' The proposed release date for the album is the early Summer and the idea is to follow it up with a US and UK tour, taking in other regions in 2005."

"Both Pete and Roger wanted to share this information with you at an early stage. It is hoped that the recording sessions will be filmed for webcasting and that some live, interactive sessions, via the website, will also take place."

Recording Sessions

"Real Good Looking Boy"
On Nov 13, 2003 in his diary, Pete Townshend announced that he and Roger, along with Zak, Rabbit, Simon Townshend, and Greg Lake (Pino was on the road with Simon & Garfunkel) finished recording this song, in what he describes as "a fairly raw form".


Announced Dec 20, 2002 - A double CD of the Teenage Cancer Trust RAH 2000 Show.
whorahcdjpg.jpgThe Who - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
SPV -093-74882 (3 CD)

Full release details

DVD: released Nov 10 2003 in Europe
The Vegas Job: The Who Reunion Live in Las Vegas
DVD of the 90 minute Vegas Pixelon "iBash" concert - the start of the re-ignited WHO!
Full release details


The band did not appear at the Teenage Cancer Trust shows in March 2003 at the Royal Albert Hall, but Roger did on his own.

On Nov 13, 2003 in his diary, Pete mentions that "we" (Roger and Pete, but with the band??) will play the Royal Albert Hall, March 29th 2004.


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