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2000 Appearances

October 7 - Big Country Convention
Simon reunited with his ex-HugeBigThing and On The Air bandmate Mark Brezzzzzzzzzicki to perform some old and new faves during the 2000 Big Country Convention. It was held at the University of Herts, College Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
Simon at the Bitter End July 8 - Bitter End, NYC
Another wonderful show from Simon at this great, intimate club in the Village! Though a bit shorter that the previous HoB set, it was just as powerful, passionate, and moving. Using the same format of switching between electric and acoustic guitars, Simon took the opportunity to showcase many of his new songs found on the AGES ep, as well as one he had just written earlier in the day(*)! The set was also filled with crowd favorites spanning his entire catalog!
Set List:London Calling, First Time, Sweet Sound, Company, Bare Assets* (newly written earlier in the day), The Way It Is, Ages, Shine Your Light, Comeback, Experience, Soul Searching, Our Time, Daughter (dedicated to Eddie), Highness, Somewhere Out There, Save Me From Me
Encore: When She Sleeps, Ecstasy Heaven
Bitter EndOnce again, Simon mingled with the crowd after the show, chatting, signing CD's and posing for pictures - making time for everyone who wanted to say hello. You couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people - Simon and his "crew" - Thanks! The Bare Bodies Bare Assets CD is a great way to get a feel for Simon's acoustic shows if you haven't had the pleasure yet of seeing him live - It is available, along with Ages, and others, from his official site:

July 2 - House Of Blues, Cambridge, MA
An absolutely amazing set by Simon, who was in great spirits, and in top voice. He was solo for this show, but with a new twist. Many of the songs were performed on electric guitar, not just acoustic as in some more recent solo performances. He passionately and courageously served up 24 songs - 2 covers and 22 spanning his entire catalog right up through his brand new release AGES!
Set List: London Calling, Mr. Sunday, First Time, Company, No More Never, Ages, Shine Your Light, Comeback, brief break, Highness, Somewhere Out There, Medicine, Save Me From Me, Soul Searching, Experience, Until Tomorrow, Time The Healer, Daughter (dedicated to Pearl Jam), When She Sleeps, Goodbye Everything, Our Time, Scaffolding, Sweet Sound, Girl In NY, Ecstasy Heaven
A brilliant show!!
The British Rock Symphony - USA
Special Guest Stars: Billy Preston, Darlene Love, Nikki Lamborn and Simon Townshend [and BEN on drums!]
flyerThe Ultimate Rock Symphony - Australia
Special Guest Stars: Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Peter Frampton, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Nikki Lamborn and more... [Simon on guitar and backing vocals AND BEN on drums!!]
Details also available at The Who in Australia and RogerDaltrey.Net
The British Rock Symphony
Vale Colorado, Dobson Arena - Jan 8, 2000
This was a private benefit performance for The Kennedy Foundation that featured Roger Daltrey, and Billy Preston as quest vocalists. Simon played guitar and supplied backing vocals. This was held in conjunction with a three-day celebration called the Vail 2000 Sports International and the opening of Blue Sky Basin. Ben Townshend occupied the drummer's seat!


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