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Zak Starkey's work with:
Mike Scott

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In September of 1997, Zak Starkey filled in on drums for a number of live appearances by Mike Scott. One of those appearances was on Virgin Radio, and a tune performed made its way onto on of Mike's releases:

The Whole Of The Moon
The Music of Mike Scott & The Waterboys

cd cover [UK- EMI 4965052 - Sept 14, 1998]
[US- EMI 7243-496505-2-7 Oct 6, 1998]
This greatest hits collection serves as a companion to (rather than duplicate of) the previous "Best of" Waterboys release, exploring Mike Scott's career from the early days of The Waterboys through to his solo album, 'Still Burning'. [note: 'Still Burning' was released in the UK in 1997, and was eventually put out in the US on Oct 6 1998].
A few tracks were previously unavailable. One of them, track #8, comes from a session Mike did for Virgin Radio,London - Sept 1997, and features Zak Starkey on drums.

  1. The Whole Of The Moon
  2. Glastonbury Song
  3. Medicine Bow
  4. Fisherman's Blues
  5. A Girl Called Johnny (Live)
  6. The Pan Within
  7. She Is So Beautiful
  8. Rare, Precious & Gone (Virgin Radio - Session)
  9. Strange Boat
  10. Red Army Blues
  11. This Is The Sea
  12. Higher In Time (Real Version)
  13. The Return Of Pan
  14. What Do You Want Me To Do?
  15. When Ye Go Away
  16. Love Anyway

Live Appearances

In September of 1997, Jeremy Stacey vacates Mike Scott's band, and Zak fills in for shows in Belgium and Holland. By the time the tour hits the UK in October of that year, Geoff Dugmore is Mike's new drummer.

Sept 1997 - Virgin Radio Session, London
Sept 12 1997
- Crossing The Border Festival, The Hague, Holland
Sept 18 1997
- Festival Botanique, Brussels, Belgium

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