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Zak Starkey's work with the:
Daltrey Sings Townshend Tour

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Some background:

Roger Daltrey put together his "Celebration of The Who" beginning with his "Daltrey Sings Townshend" birthday shows at Carnegie Hall, NYC, Feb 23-24, 1994. The shows featured Daltrey and various guests performing a variety of Who numbers, in a variety of styles. Special guests included: Spin Doctors, David Sanborn, Alice Cooper, Linda Perry, Lou Reed, Eddie Vedder, The Chieftains, Sinead O’Connor, John Entwistle, & Pete Townshend. It was taped and an edited version was shown on Pay-Per-View on 2/26. Zak was NOT a part of this event.

Ira Robbin’s review of the 23rd performance, which appeared in the LA Times on the 26th was less than favorable. For example, he labeled the first half as "awful" excepting Daltrey’s "Imagine A Man" and "Song Is Over", Alice Cooper and Lou Reed. He then raves about Eddie Vedder’s opening of the second segment, (although neither night’s Vedder numbers were taped or shown on PPV), but believed Daltrey was "unwise to delve deeply into 'Tommy'"

The Tour:

One year after Daltrey's Pay-per-view event at Carnegie Hall, Roger took the act on the road to keep the music of the Who "alive". They toured the US summer shed circuit, and plans were made for additional dates throughout 1995. The touring band included Zak Starkey on drums, Simon Townshend on guitar, Geoff Whitehorn on lead guitar, Phil Spalding on bass, John "Rabbit" Bundrick on keyboards, Peter Gordeno on keyboards, Jodi Linscott on percussion, and special guest John Entwistle.

For this "almost Who" tour, Zak was elated to have "beaten out some name drummers" to get what he described at the time as his "dream gig". [Little did he know he'd be called back up to serve in the "real" thing a few years later!]

Tour Details: Dates & Setlists


There was a CD release of the Carnegie Hall performance (Simon Phillips on drums), but no release made of any of the Tour dates that included Zak Starkey.

The entire core band of DST serves as the "rock band" component for two tracks on the London Philharmonic's CD release Who's Serious?

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