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Zak Starkey's work with:
Mike D'Abo

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New CD retrospective features 8 tracks from Indestructible

One of the many sessions that Zak worked on with Eddie Hardin.

Mike d'Abo is the former lead singer of Manfred Mann, songwriter of such hits as Build Me Up Buttercup and Handbags & Gladrags, and sang the part of King Herod on the 1971 Jesus Christ Superstar LP. He released a number of solo LP's and was most recently (2001) working as a DJ for Gloucester Radio (UK), and occasionally participates in some Manfred Mann revival shows.

Mike D'Abo - Indestructible

dabo_indestructcvr.jpgPresident LP/Cassette - PTLS 1084 [1987]
Produced by Mike d'Abo & Eddie Hardin 

Recorded at:
Herne Place Studios, Sunningdale (engineer: Roger Howorth)
Gooseberry South Studios, London (engineer: John Gibbons)
Millstream Recording Studio, Cheltenham (engineer: Mick Dolan)       

side one: side two:
  1. Loving On A Shoestring
  2. Love Indestructible
  3. Horns Of Memphis
  4. Nobody Else But You
  5. Easy Street
  6. Time Warp
  1. Thank You
  2. Wonder Of A Woman
  3. Slow Burning Love
  4. Whose Geart?
  5. Ships
  6. Revival


There was also a single released from this LP:
President - PT 559 - [April 1987] - Loving On A Shoestring b/w Thank You

Handbags and Gladrags - The Mike d'Abo Songbook

dabo_indestructcvr.jpgPresident Records - PRCD 151 [April 2004]
1. Handrags And Gladrags, 2. The Mighty Quinn, 3. Just Like A Woman, 4. Build Me Up Buttercup, 5. Tomorrow's Troubadour, 6. Velvet Glove, 7. Isle Of Debris, 8. Loving On a Shoestring, 9. Thank You, 10. Nobody Else But You, 11. Revival, 12. Twinkle In The Eye, 13. Easy Street, 14. Love Indestructible, 15. Whose Heart?, 16. Ships, 17. Rock'n'Roll Crusade, 18. Jump Boogie And Jive
This CD is a collection of songs taken from Mike's 1987 and 1988's President Records albums. Eight tracks from Indestructible are included here (marked in bold).

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