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> To: kathyvt    
> Subject: Who Concert...WOW! - July 29 TORONTO
> Date: Wednesday, July 30, 1997 2:06 AM
> The Who at the Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto
> July 29, 1997
> SET LIST:	QUADROPHENIA (Complete); plus Won't Get Fooled Again (Pete & Roger,
> Pete plays acoustic.  John joins in on Bsus4 chord - [Pinball Wizard]),
> Behind Blue Eyes (1st half - The original Who, then all players (tutti)),
> Substitute, Can't Explain Pete's speech/introductions, and Who Are You (led
> by Roger playing acoustic guitar).  [PJ Proby:  Godfather,  and Ben Waters:
>  Ace Face]
> I have to make this short, as I am very tired and have a long day tomorrow.
>  But, I have to write about  what I experienced almost 4 hours ago.  I have
> seen the Who three times:  once in 1981 at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto and
> in 1982 at Rich Stadium.  Although the Rich Stadium show has been my all-time
> favourite, this show tonight was simply phenomenal.  NEVER in all of the live
> footage I have seen of the band or my live experiences have I seen the three
> members of the Who have such a good time together.  Pete played mostly
> electric, using his Fender Strats (Red and White mainly), which was a great
> surprise.  In fact, during one of the piano pieces (Reign O'er Me?), his
> plexiglass "booth" tipped over and hit the keyboard in classic Who style!  In
> fact, Pete's inspired performance, complete with windmills galore, fats
> strumming  (as well as a touch of right-hand flamenco style in Fooled Again)
> and energetic grace, made the show a remarkable Who experience.  It was great
> to see him do what he does best!!    Roger did a fine job to a piece that was
> written out of this range 24 years ago!!  There were some missed high notes,
> but his vocal phrasing was dynamic, powerful,  and musical.  Fantastic horn
> section, great guitar solos and vocal harmonies by Simon T, and a tight set
> of arrangements, thanks to Billy Nichols.  Zak Starkey's interpretation of
> one of the greatest "parts" in rock and roll drum history was faithful,
> creatively innovative and downright FANTASTIC.  He drove the piece with
> excellent tempos (except for SEA AND SAND, which was too slow) and youthful
> energy.  Keith would have been proud!    However, the highlight for me was
> seeing the incredible bass solo by John Entwistle during 5:15.  I have never
> seen Entwistle play with so much energy and high level of virtuosity.  It
> left me breathless!!  (note:  I was mad at the sound guy for mixing him too
> low the whole night!!).  
> 	If Quadrophenia is a work you hold close to your heart, get ready to be
> moved.  It was an incredible night, where I was close to crying about 5
> times...not bad for a guy!!  If you haven't got tickets yet, GET THEM NOW!!
>  This is a MUST SEE concert for those who love this work.  And the bonus is
> seeing them do a few of our old faves, especially Substitute.  In fact, Can't
> Explain brought the house down AGAIN (it was brought down a lot last night).
>  Don't let cynical feelings keep you away from what is THE rock and roll
> concert event of the summer. .....  What a night!  
> P.S.  Oh yeah, a portion of the ticket price went to the Canadian Music
> Therapy Foundation - what a great idea!!  
> And so to bed!! 
> Christopher Clause
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