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Zak Starkey's appearance at the:
Tony Ashton
Testimonial Show

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UPDATE: At the time of this event, the future of Tony's health was a hopeful one. In late May 2001, Tony posted a sad update the Tony Ashton WWW Pages, informing all that the cancer had returned and spread, as well as his decision to refuse further treatment and spend his remaining time at home with his family. On the morning of May 28th 2001, Tony Ashton pasted away peacefully at home with his wife and daughter by his side. He will be missed.

A memorial concert took place November 4th, 2001 at the Buxton Opera House.

update! Highlights of this event have FINALLY been released!

The Concert:

Officially called: The Endangered Species Awards 2000 : Tony Ashton Testimonial Show

Tony Ashton Testimonial Show was held to celebrate Tony's recovery from his recent illness. It all took place on Friday 16th June 2000 at the famous Abbey Road Studio in London. Only 300 tickets were made available.
The musical guests come from all eras of Tony's work, and included:
concert invite
  • Pete York
  • Geoff Whitehorn
  • Chris Barber
  • Eddie Hardin
  • Zoot Money
  • Mash
  • Johnny Johnson
  • Dave Williams
  • Bernie Marsden
  • Mick Moody
  • John Entwistle
  • Zak Starkey
  • Joe Brown
  • Jon Lord
  • Ian Paice

[This summary was taken from the info at - Please visit there for photos and more detailed reviews!]
The Concert began at 7:00 with the band Mash, followed by Johnny Johnson and Dave Williams. A Hardin and York (Eddie Hardin, Pete York) reunion followed which included Geoff Whitehorn, Chris Barber, Jaz Lochrie and later, Zoot Money, and Eddie's daughter Emma. They were followed by Angel. Wrapping up the first half of the event was a short set of Rock (and Who) classics performed by John Entwistle, Zak Starkey, John Rabbit Bundrick and Gary Nuttall. [factoid - Gary was a member of the band FACE with Zak in 1995]. They reportedly performed a number of songs including Shake Rattle & Roll, Roadrunner, My Generation Blues, and Shakin' all Over.

An auction was held during the intermission, hosted by Joe Brown. Items included one of Jon Lord's leather jackets, an original Tony Ashton painting, singed symbols from Ian Paice, and many other items.

The second half opened with Tony Ashton himself, followed by a short acoustic set by Mickey Moody and Bernie Marsden. Afterward, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Neil Murray and Robert Hart joined them for a short set of Whitesnake songs. The finale was a mini Paice, Ashton, Lord reunion set, which included Bernie Marsden and Howie Casey. The concert ended around 11:45.

Luke Turner was there and managed some nice shots of John, Zak & company!
Check them out at LUKE'S WHO PHOTOS
Luke's great photos!

If you attended, PLEASE send reviews and PHOTOS!!!!

The event was to have been recorded and filmed, so we may all get a glimpse of what went on someday down the line!

Some of the songs included in the Entwistle set:
Shake Rattle & Roll, Roadrunner, My Generation Blues, and Shakin' all Over.


In 2001 Purple Records ( had a single CD of highlights listed in their "coming soon" section. No catalog number or target date is listed, but it tentatively titled: An Endangered Species - Live At Abbey Road (no doubt the large number of musicians involved with that evening will make clearing permissions a rather lengthy affair!) It was still listed as "coming soon" as of Dec 2002, but was gone in 2004.


updatedReleased July 2006

Tony Ashton - Live At Abbey Road 2000

T2Media - T2CD0107
July 24 2006

cd cover


1. Introduction
2. One Room Country Shack - Tony Ashton
3. Mercy Mercy Mercy - Tony Ashton
4. No Money Down- Tony Ashton
5. Shacke Rattle & Roll - The John Entwistle Band
6. Aint Gonna Cry No More - Company of Snakes
7. Walking in the Shadow
of the Blues - Company of Snakes
8. Ready an' Willing (Sweet Satisfaction)
- Company of Snakes
9. Aint No Love (In The Heart of the City)
- Company of Snakes
10. Here I Go Again - Company of Snakes
11. Ghost Story - Paice, Ashton, Lord
12. Sneaky Private Lee - Paice, Ashton, Lord
13. Resurrection Shuffle - Paice, Ashton, Lord


updatedListed in the "Forthcoming" section ot T2Media's website as "expected August 2006" [still says that as of Dec 06]

Tony Ashton - Live At Abbey Road 2000

T2Media - T2DVD0108
(originally due August 2006)

dvd cover


will contian:
Johnnie Johnson Band (1 track)
Pete York's Endagered Species (4 tracks)
John Entwistle Band ( 6 Tracks)
Tony Ashton Band (3 tracks)
The Company of Snakes (6 Tracks)
Paice, Ashton, Lord (4 tracks)

full details at T2Media


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